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Some pregnancy test kits boast early results that promise an answer three or four days before your missed period. These tests assume a 14-day luteal phase, which is the time between ovulation and when you get your period. The problem is that you may have a shorter or longer luteal phase.

If your luteal phase is usually 12 days, four days before your missed period would be nine days after ovulation. Thats way too early to test. For you, taking the test four days before your missed period would be pointless.

If you have a luteal phase of 15 days, four days before your missed period is 12 days after ovulation. You still may not have enough hormones that early. However, you have a better chance than someone with a shorter luteal phase.

If youre having fertility treatments and you have had an hCG trigger shot, then you should not take an early pregnancy test. An early test may detect the remains of fertility medication.

With A Late Ultrasound

An early ultrasound confers all kinds of benefits, according to Plancher. Not only can you get an accurate date on the pregnancy, but you can also check for tubal pregnancies and reduce your risk of miscarriage .

Unfortunately, not everyone knows theyre pregnant so early. What if youre really caught off guard, like somewhere in the second trimester? Sometimes pregnant women show up at 15 weeks, and then you have to use an ultrasound â but thereâs a wider range of error, and you have to know that, Plancher notes.

Plancher says that first trimester ultrasounds have about a one-week range of error second trimester ultrasounds have two-week range, and third trimester ultrasounds have an incredible three-week range of error â which is like a month of your pregnancy.

Calculating how far along you are gets harder as gestation progresses because of natural variability in fetal size and observer error. Hariton agrees that second- and third-trimester ultrasounds are not ideal for determining due dates. âThis is because the normal range of size for the fetus is wider, so you canât really tell if, for example, this is a small 34-week fetus or a large 30-week fetus,â he says. Reading and measuring those ultrasounds isnt easy, especially as your baby grows and gets to wiggling.

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Conception Calculator Based On Lmp

The other method of using the pregnancy conception calculator is to provide the first day of your last menstruation and the average length of your menstrual cycle. The majority of cycles last around 28 days. However, typical values range between 21 and 35 days.

In cycles of 28 days, ovulation happens around 14 days before the beginning of the next cycle. So, if a cycle lasts 28 days, ovulation occurs the 14th day after the first day of the cycle . If its shorter, you subtract the corresponding number, e.g., for a 22 days cycle ovulation occurs on the 8th day. If its longer, you add some days, e.g., for a 34 day cycle ovulation is on the 20th day. For cycles longer than 35 days or shorter than 21 days, these calculations are not applicable and you should consult by a doctor. If youre not sure how long your cycles are, leave the default number of 28 days.

When does conception happen? How long does conception take? The fertile window begins 3-5 days before the ovulation date, and ends one day after it. It means, to get pregnant, you should have intercourse within this time. Although sperm can survive up to 7 days inside a womans body, conception does not happen until ovulation. Therefore, conception day is the day of ovulation and might last for 24 hours after the egg is release. Therefore, the formula to estimate the conception date based on the LMP:

LMP + cycle length 14 = conception date

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How Soon You Can Take A Pregnancy Test

Step back from the supermarket shelves you should wait until the first day of a missed period before you do a pregnancy test . This is usually about two weeks after you think you conceived. So get your diary out and start counting.

Too keen to wait? Some tests are more sensitive than others and can be taken earlier . This might be four or five days before your period is due .

If you can though, its most reliable to wait for the first day of your missed period. And that way you wont get any upset from an inaccurate result.

What Are Common Symptoms Of Pregnancy


Everyone experiences different symptoms of pregnancy and at different times. Its important not to compare your pregnancy to someone elses because pregnancy symptoms can vary so dramatically.

There are several signs of early pregnancy that you may or may not have. The most common symptoms include:

Remember, the only way to know for sure that youre pregnant is to take a pregnancy test or have your healthcare provider perform an ultrasound.

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Why Pregnancy Is Counted From The Last Menstrual Period

Pregnancy is counted from a women’s last menstrual period because the start of a period is easily observable and usually known to a woman whereas the date of conception is much less likely to be known.

Historically, the first day of the last menstrual period became the date from which pregnancy is counted even though conception occurs about two weeks later.

The LMP formula is good for working out an initial age of pregnancy but ultrasound is more accurate. The age of pregnancy may be revised following your ultrasound scan.

Role Of Fundal Height

Your midwife or doctor may measure your fundal height at your pregnancy well-checks. The fundal height is the measurement in centimeters from your pubic bone to the top of your uterus. It should grow at a predictable rate as your pregnancy continues.

After 20 weeks, your fundal height in centimeters will typically be the same as the number of weeks you are pregnant. In other words, at 21 weeks pregnant, your fundal height should be around 21 centimeters .

Sometimes, the fundal height won’t match perfectly. Slight variations are normal, but if you are measuring much smaller or larger than expected, your medical care provider may want to investigate with another ultrasound.

While useful, the fundal height is not an accurate measurement of gestational age and would not affect the estimated due date.

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When Youre Positively Pregnant Find More Answers With Sneakpeek

When that test strip finally tells you the good news, you may feel completely overjoyedthen overwhelmed with more questions. One of the biggest questions in a parents mind after a positive pregnancy test? Am I having a little boy or a little girl?

You wont have to wait long to find out with a little help from the SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test. At 99.9% accurate, this gender prediction test can tell you whether youre having a boy or a girl as early as eight weeks into pregnancy.

Even better? There are no vague test strip results to interpret, no sticks to pee onjust answers. Find yours with the SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test!

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How To Use Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test

MY EARLY PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS | 0-4 Weeks Pregnant as a First Time Mom

If youre testing early and want an accurate weeks indicator result, use your first urine of the day to do your pregnancy test. Remove your Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test from the foil wrapper and remove the blue cap. Place the absorbent tip of your pregnancy test into your urine stream for 5 seconds only, taking care not to get the rest of the test stick wet. Make sure the test is pointing downwards at all times. Wait for three minutes until the screen of your Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test stops flashing the hour glass symbol and shows your results.

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What Do I Need To Know About Taking A Pregnancy Test

The only way to know whether youre pregnant or not is to take a pregnancy test. If you suspect youre pregnant, you dont even need to wait until you miss your period as some tests can be used as early as 6 days before your missed period .

Learn more about , how to take them, , and about finding the right one for you.

False Positive And Negative Results

When a test result is inaccurate, its either a false negative or a false positive . Several factors can cause false negative results:

  • Having too dilute urine after drinking a lot of water or testing later in the day.
  • Testing too soon when there has not been enough time for a fertilized egg to implant and start hCG production.
  • Using a pregnancy test that doesnt detect lower levels of hCG. You can check the package insert for more information about the level at which the test will be positive.

Sometimes an egg will implant briefly but will not be sustained. This is also called a chemical pregnancy hCG is produced, but the pregnancy doesnt continue. A test performed several days before an expected period can show a positive result, but the woman still gets her period soon or on time. Rarely, certain tumors can produce hCG, causing a pregnancy test to be positive even when a woman is not pregnant.

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Craving Or Avoiding Certain Foods

Most women dont actually want that mythical pickles-and-ice cream combo, but food cravings do regularly occur, as does disliking a formerly favorite food.

A review of cravings in pregnancy published in Frontiers in Psychology lamented how little research exists for such a common symptom, which Ross says occurs in more than half of pregnancies. Cravings typically start in the first trimester. In one study the reviewers cited, three-quarters of women reported craving at least one food item by the thirteenth week of pregnancy.

What do women most want in early pregnancy? Mostly sweets, including fruits, juices, dairy, desserts, and, frequently, chocolate. But a small number of women prefer savory or salty fare, the review authors noted.

Its not clear why these cravings happen. Some speculate its due to fluctuating hormones, which can change the sense of taste or smell, but others say it fills specific nutritional needs of the fetus or are brought on by cultural norms or other factors.

If Pregnancy Test Says Positive Then How Far Along Can You Be

Clearblue: The First Home Pregnancy Test That Tells You How Far Along ...

Well a pregnancy test can detect hCG levelsas far as 5 days before your expected period. Though it is notparticularly accurate. I personally recommend taking the test 1-2days before your expected period for best accuracy. A pregnacnytest cannot really tell you how far a long you are. If you thinkyou may be pregnant, and possibly have been for a little while youcould have suspected your implantation bleeding for you period. To know how far along you are you should contact your OB/GYN. Here is a link to awebsite that will calculate the probability of your pregnancy:

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Disclaimer About The Calculator

Our calculator strives for the highest accuracy, but your pregnancy progress may differ from the calculator’s results for several reasons including possible miscalculation errors in input data individual variations in the timing of ovulation, and/or conception.

The information provided regarding pregnancy progress and fetal development is a guide through the weeks. It is not specific information for a specific individual but serves as a general guide only. As each pregnancy differs, any dates, weights, and lengths should be considered general information for interest only.

Our week-by-week guides use both standard and metric units of measure including pounds and kilograms.

How Soon Can I Take A Pregnancy Test

A missed menstruation cycle is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. Thats why we usually recommend waiting until youve missed your period before taking a pregnancy test. If you cant wait that long and you know the day of your last period we can calculate possible conception and your pregnancy due date.

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What If The Result Is Positive

A positive result generally means that you are pregnant. You should make an appointment to see your GP to confirm the pregnancy and to sign up for antenatal care.

If you are not sure you want to be pregnant it is good idea to make an appointment with your GP to discuss your options.

Your GP will listen and will not judge you.

Free advice may also be available from a family planning clinic.

Sometimes counselling can help you to work through your feelings about the pregnancy. It may help you make a decision on what is the right choice for you. has details of the support services available to you.

Can My Due Date Change

Pregnancy test { Our last chance ! }

Yes, your due date can change. While its definitely not a reason to worry, your doctor may change your due date for a number of reasons as your pregnancy progresses.

It may be that you have irregular periods and your early ultrasound dating was off, or that your first ultrasound was in the second trimester.

It could also be because your fundal height is abnormal, or your levels of alpha-fetoprotein , a protein made by the baby, are outside the usual range. Talk to your practitioner if you have any questions or concerns.

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What Exactly Is The Date Of Conception

The date of conception is the day that the egg and sperm meet.

Women who track their ovulation may know their exact date of conception. But for many women, date of conception can be tricky to pinpoint.

Sperm can live in a womans body for up to five days, and the ovum can live for up to 24 hours after being released. In other words, you have a six-day window where you could potentially get pregnant each month.

Do you already know your due date but want to know when you likely conceived? Try our reverse due date calculator.

Whats The Most Accurate Way To Date A Pregnancy

Going back to the hypothetical scenario above, its easy to see why the most accurate method for calculating how far along you are would be by implantation. Heres the catch: Its very hard to know when implantation occurs with certaintyeven if you know when you ovulated.

After conception , the fertilized egg travels from the fallopian tubes into the uterus. Compared to the tiny blastocyst, the uterus is huge! There are many places for the blastocyst to implant, and it can implant in the upper area of your uterus or it may take the longer route to the lower area.

Because of the time it takes to travel to the implantation location, most experts agree that implantation occurs about nine days after conception, but it can range from as early as six days to as late as 12 days after conception.

There is good news though! While there is no test to determine exactly what day implantation occurred, your body may give you hints that implantation has occurred:

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When To Take A Pregnancy Test

Wait at least a week after youve missed your period to take a pregnancy test. It’s best to test first thing in the morning, when your pee/mimi is most concentrated.

Follow the instructions on the pregnancy test carefully.

A positive test means you are pregnant.

A negative test means you are not pregnant.

If the test is negative but you still feel you could be pregnant, contact your nurse or doctor, or Family Planning. You might have to do a repeat pregnancy test or a blood test.

If the test is negative and you dont want to get pregnant, check out contraception options at Family Planning or with your nurse or doctor.

How Does A Pregnancy Test Work

Pregnancy Tests That Say How Far Along You Are

All pregnancy tests detect the hormone human chorionic gonadotrophin , which starts to be produced around 6 days after fertilisation.

Most pregnancy tests come in a box that contains 1 or 2 long sticks. You pee on the stick and the result appears on the stick after a few minutes. All tests are slightly different, so always check the instructions.

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How Soon Can You Take A Pregnancy Test

At-home pregnancy tests are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration , meaning their accuracy and labeling is evaluated before they reach store shelves. When it comes to the accuracy of at-home pregnancy tests, research shows if the test is used as directed, an inaccurate result is rare. While false-positive pregnancy test results are uncommon, if you do receive an inaccurate result, its more likely to be a false-negative. In this case, its likely youre testing too early, before HCG can be detected.

For most women who have a regular menstrual cycle, a pregnancy test could be taken on the expected day of the period, says Dr. Merhi. The earliest would be the expected day of the period however, I usually tell patients to wait at least a few days after the expected day of the period in order to lower the chances of having a false result.

Its worth noting that at-home pregnancy tests accuracy claimsmany of which advertise an accuracy rate of 99% from the day of the expected periodare based on data used in a sterile laboratory testing environment. If you think you received an inaccurate result, you can either wait and test again a few days later or see your doctor for a blood test, which can detect HCG earlier than at-home tests and has an accuracy rate of 99%.

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