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How to Avoid Pregnancy without Protection in hindi – à¤à¤¨à¤à¤¾à¤¹à¥ à¤à¤°à¥?ठसॠà¤à¥à¤¸à¥ बà¤à¥?

The most important thing for a concerned expectant mother can do is talk with her doctor and discuss her risk factors. If she has a personal or family history of blood clots, a genetic predisposition, or another risk factor, her doctor can help identify the best individualized medical treatment.

Beyond medical treatment, remaining active is key. Many women slow down late into their pregnancy, but being sedentary increases the risk of developing a blood clot. Even light exercise, such as walking, can be very beneficial.

Finally, compression stockings, often used to help treat complications of DVT such as post-thrombotic syndrome, can help with the leg swelling that pregnant women often develop.

If youre a woman with a history of blood clots who is pregnant or planning to become pregnant, its important to speak with your doctor to decide what treatments and precautions are right for you.

How Much Does An Iud Cost

The hormonal IUD prescription is covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme in Australia. It costs around $6.50 if you are a Health Care Card holder and around $40.00 if you are not.

The copper IUD is not covered by a Health Care Card The cost in pharmacies can be around $70 to $120. There may also be an insertion cost from the health professional.The overall cost of the procedure will vary depending on whether you attend a private or public provider. If you don’t have a Medicare card or private health insurance, it will be more expensive.

Having Safe Sex Is Easy If You Are Informed Of The Safety Measures We Give You Just That

Written by Debjani Arora | Updated : July 4, 2017 1:35 PM IST

Most young couples face this dilemma How can we prevent unwanted pregnancy while enjoying an active sex life? Well, there are numerous ways to enjoy your sex life and delay pregnancy until you are ready for it.

# 1 Have sex during your safe period

Many people think that having sex during the safe period is a natural method of family planning and can help prevent unwanted pregnancy. This means having sex between the 8th day to the 20th day of a woman s menstrual cycle, where the first day of period signifies day one of the menstrual cycle. A woman most likely would not be ovulating during this period, which is also called the window period at times. However, when it comes to unwanted pregnancy it is better to use some kind of protection or opt for more robust contraceptive methods. Unprotected sex during safe period also increases chances of pregnancy, though marginally. So why take risk! Read to know if having sex during the safe period is really safe.

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When To Test Pregnancy In Hindi

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Improving Your Chances Of Becoming Pregnant

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Youll have a better chance of getting pregnant if you understand your menstrual cycle. The average cycle is 28 days, but it can vary from anywhere between 20 to 40 days for some women.

If your cycle is regular, then you can know that you probably ovulate 2 weeks before the start of your next cycle. So you can work from that and work out the best time to have sex.

Also, both you and your partner should be as healthy as you can be. Apart from anything else, this really will help your chances of getting pregnant. You can both:

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When Can You Get Pregnant In Hindi

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Ensure Youre Using Your Birth Control Correctly To Avoid Pregnancy In Hindi


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How Do You Count The Safe Days After Your Period

Though safe days are just a prediction based on human calculations, it helps women understand their menstrual cycle well and know safe days to have unprotected sex without the fear of being conceived.

To calculate safe days, we need to start with calculating the length of a womanâs menstrual cycle. This length is calculated from the beginning of the menstrual period to day 1 of the next menstrual period.

The first week after the period is usually safe in a menstrual cycle as eggs are not producing and ovaries are still forming the eggs. A week before the next period cycle is also considered safe as ovulation is done, and there is less chance of fertilisation.

Use Barrier Protection To Avoid Pregnancy In Hindi

Sex without protection how to avoid pregnancy in hindi | Bina protection pregnancy kaise roke

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Can A Man Who Is On Dialysis Or Who Has A Kidney Transplant Father A Child

Yes. Men on dialysis or those who have a kidney transplant can father children. If you’ve been trying to father a child for a year or more without success, talk with your doctor. A man with kidney disease or kidney failure may be helped with a routine fertility checkup. Also, some medications that are used after a transplant can reduce a man’s ability to father children. If you have a transplant and would like to father a child, talk with your doctor about your mediations.

Safe Time For Physical Relation:

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Is The Fertile Method Effective

If you have very consistent cycles, knowing your fertile window can help prevent pregnancy. But keep in mind that your cycle days can still change each month. Factors like stress, diet, or heavy exercise can affect the number of days in your cycle. The day of ovulation can also change every month.

Tracking your ovulation is usually a more effective way to help you get pregnant. If youre trying to avoid pregnancy, talk with your doctor about the best birth control for you.

  • using ovulation predictor kits

Track Your Fertility Period

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If your cycles are fairly regular, you can depend on fertility awareness methods. These involve tracking the signs when your body is about to ovulate and avoiding sex during those days. In the days preceding ovulation, avoid making love. However, this involves quite a correct estimation of the ovulation date.

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Can A Woman Who Is On Dialysis Have A Baby

Some changes in your body make it hard to become pregnant. For example, most women on dialysis have anemia and hormone changes. This may keep them from having regular menstrual periods.

Women with kidney failure are usually advised against becoming pregnant. The rate of complications is very high. Risks to both the mother and developing baby are high. If you are thinking of becoming pregnant, talk to your healthcare provider. If you become pregnant, you will need close medical supervision, changes in medicine, and more dialysis to have a healthy baby.

Understanding The Added Value Of Using A Condom

  • 1Consider a condom for STI risk reduction.XTrustworthy SourceCenters for Disease Control and PreventionMain public health institute for the US, run by the Dept. of Health and Human ServicesGo to source Before making the decision to forego condom use, it is important to consider the role that condoms can play in STI risk reduction as well as in preventing pregnancy. Even if you are using other contraceptive devices, such as a hormonal form of birth control, other contraceptive methods do nothing to prevent you from STIs . Therefore, condoms have an important advantage when it comes to practicing safe sex.
  • 2Use a condom if you do not fully trust your sexual partner. If you are in a long-term committed monogamous relationship, you will know whether your partner is taking alternative forms of birth control, such as taking “the pill” or using an IUD, as you will have developed a trusting relationship with that person and have presumably discussed the best contraceptive strategies for the two of you. However, if you have a new sexual partner who you do not yet know well enough to fully trust, it is important to understand that a condom can be one of the more reliable methods of contraception.
  • If you are a man, you can never know for sure if a new female sexual partner is actually on “the pill” , and taking it reliably.
  • It is possible for a woman to be dishonest about using birth control while purposefully becoming pregnant.
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    With The Help Of Iuds

    IUDs are also known as intrauterine devices. It is a contraceptive device that is for the long term and it is highly effective in preventing pregnancy as it clears away your tension of what to do after unprotected intercourse because there is no chance of human mistake but it cannot prevent any sexually transmitted disease. There are two types of IUDs, one is hormonal and one is copper-based. The hormonal one works up to at least five years and the other one works up to at least 10 years. Once placed, they are highly effective in destroying sperm and preventing any pregnancy. It can lead to irregular periods or cramps during menstruation

    How Soon Can I Take A Pregnancy Test

    How To Control Pregnancy Naturally | Pregnancy Rokne Ka Tarika | Hamal Rokne Ka Tarika

    Timing is very important in pregnancy testing as HCG levels in urine help determine that a woman is pregnant. As HCG levels double every 48 hours, we can conclude that a woman is pregnant even in her early days of pregnancy.

    The best time to take a pregnancy test is when your period is late. But, if you wish to know sooner, you can wait for two weeks after you had sex and can take the pregnancy test, but still, a test after the period is late is the most effective one.

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    What Happens After Your Period Ends

    The complete shedding of the unfertilised female egg and your uterine lining symbolises the end of your period. After your menstrual cycle ends, the female genitals begin to prepare for another menstrual cycle. Your body begins to shift towards your most fertile period, where the chances of pregnancy are high.

    Does Pulling Out Protect Against Stds

    No. While withdrawal can prevent pregnancy, it doesnt protect you against STDs. Some STDs, like genital warts and herpes, are spread through skin-to-skin contact. And STDs like chlamydia, syphilis, or gonorrhea can be carried in precum. So if youre going to have sex, the best way to prevent STDs is by using condoms.

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    Pregnancy And Kidney Disease

    A new baby is a joy for any family. But pregnancy can put a lot of stress on your body. If you have kidney disease or kidney failure, it can put you and the health of your unborn child at risk.

    Are you thinking about pregnancy? If so, you should discuss it beforehand with your doctor or other healthcare provider. They know you, and they can help you make a decision that is based on your own personal health. There are many things to consider. You and your doctor should discuss them all very carefully. Some things that can affect a healthy pregnancy include:

    • Your stage of kidney disease
    • Your general health
    • Having high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease
    • Having other serious health conditions
    • Protein in your urine

    Here are a few brief answers to some common questions about kidney disease and pregnancy.

    When Can A Woman Not Get Pregnant

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    A woman cannot get pregnant if she is infertile. Female infertility can be caused due to several reasons:

    • Scarred or damaged fallopian tubes that prevent male sperm from fertilising the female egg can cause female infertility.
    • Irregular or abnormal uterine shapes make it challenging for a fertilised egg to attach itself to the uterine wall, and this causes female infertility.
    • Conditions such as PCOS cause women to ovulate inconsistently. When left untreated, this could lead to female infertility or inability to conceive for a while.

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    How Might Medicines Taken By Transplant Patients Affect An Unborn Child

    Many anti-rejection medicines are generally safe for a pregnant woman and her baby. However, there are some types that can affect pregnancy and the baby. These types should be avoided during pregnancy and stopped at least six weeks before becoming pregnant. Your doctor will likely monitor you after you’ve stopped, and let you know when it’s safe to attempt pregnancy.

    If you have a kidney transplant and are considering pregnancy, you should discuss it carefully with your transplant team and your kidney doctor. Your doctor may want you to switch to a different anti-rejection medicine.

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