How To Prevent Pregnancy In Dogs

Signs Of Pregnancy In Dogs

How to terminate an unwanted dog pregnancy

A dogs gestation period is approximately 63 days/9 weeks, but can vary between 56-72 days.

In the early stages of pregnancy, your dog is unlikely to show many signs other than slightly larger/pinker nipples and a swollen vulva . However, as her pregnancy progresses, you will start to notice more obvious signs such as:

  • Weight gain and a firm, round tummy that starts to sag down
  • Increased hunger
  • Mammary gland development and milk
  • Behavioural changes such as nesting, being quieter than usual, and sometimes aggression

Glucocorticoids For Pregnancy Termination In Dogs

This class of drugs only works on terminating pregnancies in the late stages of gestation and it not consistently effective. The way these drugs work to terminate a pregnancy is not fully understood. By terminating in the late stages of pregnancy, the aborted babies are typically expelled from the uterus. This can be traumatic for the dog as well as the owner. Temporary side effects associated with glucocorticoids are limited to increased thirst and increased urination after the treatment has ended. The most commonly used drug is dexamethasone.

What Contraceptive Methods Are There For Males

Although unwanted pregnancy is inherently no issue to owners of male dogs, they should also consider that their lovestruck pet shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce uninhibited in the neighbourhood. Hence, contraception can be appropriate particularly for dogs known for their go-it-alone crusades that can react in a very instinctive or aggressive manner.

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Overview Of Canine Pregnancy Termination For Undesired Matings

Unless strictly supervised, dogs mate when the mood strikes and the time is right. Unfortunately, some breedings are not intended and unwanted pregnancies can occur. In veterinary medicine, dealing with undesired matings and resultant unwanted litters have resulted in various methods of early pregnancy termination.

The easiest, safest and most reliable treatment for unwanted litters is to spay the dog. This removes the ovaries and uterus, thereby not allowing the pregnancy to develop. This method is a permanent solution and is obviously only to be used in dogs not intended for breeding.

If a future planned pregnancy is desired, surgery is not an acceptable option. Other medical ways of terminating a pregnancy must be considered.

Until When Do You Have To Terminate An Unwanted Pregnancy

Phantom Pregnancy in the Older Dog (and should you spay?)

Unwanted pregnancies should usually be terminated within 45 days of gestation.

The signs of pregnancy will begin to show in your dog within a few dayslook out for physical and behavioral symptoms. If youre in doubt of whether your dog is pregnant or not, a simple scan will determine it.

Fetal signs of pregnancy in dogs can show up only after 25 days of gestation in the scan, after which you have about a week to decide what you want to do.

Typically, abortion and termination of pregnancies in dogs through medicines requires a weeks worth of medication. So be on the safe side and determine your dogs pregnancy early in the day.

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How Common Is False Pregnancy In Dogs

False pregnancy is a common condition in unneutered female dogs. It’s also known as pseudopregnancy, pseudocyesis, or a phantom pregnancy in dogs. Around 80% of unspayed female dogs those who still have their ovaries and uterus will show some signs of a false pregnancy at least once in their lives.

Signs Of Female Dogs In Heat

Generally, the first heat cycle in dogs takes place anywhere between six and ten months of age, but this varies from dog to dog. Small dog breeds tend to have an earlier heat cycle than large or giant dog breeds, explains veterinarian Margaret V. Root Kustritz in her book The Dog Breeder’s Guide to Successful Breeding and Health Management.

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Termination Of Unwanted Dog Pregnancy

Within forty-five days of conception, a veterinarian can terminate a dog’s unwanted pregnancy. However, it can be hazardous to the dog’s emotional, mental, and physical health.

Attempting to terminate a dog pregnancy after forty-five days leads to the birth of dead puppies. As a consequence, it might result in the mother dog’s depression.

They may also refuse to eat and drink. Worst, your dog may torment themselves into dehydration.

Here are some tried-and-true ways to induce abortion in pregnant dogs in the right way.

How Will My Vet Know If My Dog Is Pregnant

How to stop Pregnancy in female Dogs?

There are a few ways to check if your dog is pregnant:

  • Examination – between three and five weeks pregnant, your vet might be able to feel for puppies through your dogs abdomen . However, this can be difficult and isnt the most accurate way to diagnose pregnancy
  • Ultrasoundscan your vet will be able to scan your dog from around 25 days after mating
  • A blood test your vet will be able to run bloods to check for pregnancy from around 25 days after mating

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When Does A Female Dog First Come Into Heat

Puberty, or sexual maturity, in the female dog usually occurs around six months of age. The smaller breeds tend to go into estrus, or “heat,” earlier, and some females can have their first “heat” cycle as early as four months of age. On the other hand, large and giant breed dogs can be up to two years old before they come into heat for the first time.

Operative Procedures: Spaying And Sterilisation

If you want to categorically rule out the possibility of your female having puppies, surgical intervention is a permanent contraceptive method. However, an operation under general anaesthetic is no walk in the park and shouldn’t just be done in passing. Hence, carefully weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of such a radical procedure and discuss with your vet whether operating on your dog is advisable and even possible.

  • Sterilisation: With sterilisation, the female’s ovaries are severed, thereby blocking the path to the uterus. Although this procedure is also carried out under general anaesthetic, it is certainly less invasive than complete neutering. The female’s oestrous cycle is not affected by sterilisation, meaning that the sexual hormones will still be produced and she will still show typical sexual behaviour. The cost of sterilisation is around 200 euros and it is non-reversible.
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    Birth Control Pills For Female Cats And Dogs Must Be Prescribed By A Veterinarian

    Birth control pills for pets can have serious side effects. They should therefore only be dispensed on prescription by a veterinarian and used in accordance with a number of recommendations.

    Contraceptive pills for female cats and dogs that contain megestrol acetate or medroxyprogesterone acetate are effective, provided that users comply with the conditions for their use, particularly the timing during the sexual cycle and the frequency of administration. However, they have well-known side effects that have been documented in the scientific literature. Around 20 reports of adverse effects are received each year by the French Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products , part of ANSES. These side effects are due to the hormonal action of these products and are listed on the package leaflet. They are mainly genital and hormonal . They mainly occur after prolonged use, but can also be triggered by short-term treatment. These side effects are potentially serious, requiring prompt surgical and/or medical treatment and may even lead to the death of the animal.

    Effects Of Preventing Pregnancy In Dogs

    Is There a Morning

    Pregnancy prevention has many benefits for both pets and their pet parents. A litter of puppies is a tremendous responsibility. You’ll have to clean up their accidents, take them for their first vaccinations, deworm them, wean them, and keep them safe for at least the first 8 weeks of their life. Plus, you’ll still have to look after their nursing mother and find the puppies’ homes in the meantime.

    Pregnancy can also put a lot of strain on a dog’s body, and some dogs may be at higher risk of pregnancy complications due to age, size, or breed. Plus, caring for a pregnant mother and her puppies is time-consuming and costly. Preventing pregnancy can spare your family from those financial burdens and extra work that comes with puppies and eliminate the risks of pregnancy-related health conditions in your pet.

    If you choose to proceed with your dog’s pregnancy, check out our pet insurance comparison tool. Caring for a pregnant or breeding dog can be expensive, and most accident and illness policies don’t cover costs related to pregnancy. But some providers, like Trupanion, offer add-ons that reimburse vet care costs.

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    How To Deal With A Miscarriage

    If a dog has had a miscarriage it can be a difficult and sad time for both owner and the mother dog. If the dog passes any dead pups, then these should be collected and wrapped in a towel, before bringing them to the veterinary clinic.

    Gloves should be used to handle any birthing fluid or dead pups, there are some infectious agents which can infect humans too. The veterinarian will be able to check the female dog to ensure she is not at risk and check the health of any other unborn pups using ultrasound.

    Finally, if the vet has consent, they will be able to take samples from the dead pup and mum dog if necessary, to find out what caused the dog to have a miscarriage.

    The dog may require treatment such as antibiotics, but she will also require rest, careful monitoring and lots of attention .

    The mother dog may also have physical pain and cramps, or vaginal bleeding or discharge after a miscarriage. Extra towels should be placed down to cover her bedding, which then can be easily removed and changed for fresh ones.

    Wash used bedding and towels on a high temperature to kill any infectious agents. Keep the dog warm and comfortable, and her bed in a quiet place in the home.

    Listen to the vets advice regarding the signs that should be expected, which will vary depending on the cause of the miscarriage and the stage of pregnancy.

    When A Woman Has A Hysterectomy The Ovaries Are Not Usually Removed Why Is It Necessary To Remove The Ovaries In My Dog

    The reproductive cycle of the female dog is entirely different from that of woman. Female dogs come into “season,” or heat, twice a year on average, and it is only at that time that they can conceive. The purpose of an ovariohysterectomy is to ensure that the estrus cycle does not occur. This has numerous health advantages for the dog, including reducing the risk of breast cancer and eliminating the risk of ovarian and uterine cancer. In addition, unwanted litters are prevented and the behavioral changes associated with “heat” are avoided.

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    Enlarged And Discolored Nipples

    Before pregnancy, an unbred female dog’s nipples are small and flat. Furthermore, depending on their breed, their nipples range from gray to light pink.

    However, if your dog is pregnant, these things will change.

    Once bred, their nipples will grow large and ample. Its color would also turn into a slightly darker shade, which indicates an increase in blood flow.

    These signs will show during the first stages of pregnancy. But during its last stages, their nipples might also start leaking milk.

    Estrogens For Pregnancy Termination In Dogs

    How can I help my dog through a false pregnancy?

    These drugs work by preventing fertilized eggs from migrating and implanting in the uterus. The only way these drugs work is to give them soon after the unplanned breeding. Pregnancy cannot be confirmed at this stage and by giving this drug, your pet may be susceptible to dangerous side effects unnecessarily. These include:

  • Bone marrow suppression. This condition results in severe anemia, low white blood cell levels and low platelet counts. It can occur within two weeks to two months after administration of the drug and is typically irreversible and eventually fatal.
  • Pyometra. This uterine infection is another side effect of estrogen administration. Typically, this infection is not effectively treated with antibiotics and spaying may be required.
  • Infertility. Although this may occur following administration of estrogens, the exact reason is still unknown.

    The most commonly used estrogens are:

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    What Form Of Contraception Is Right For My Dog

    If you’ve come to the conclusion that natural precautionary measures aren’t sufficient in order to absolutely prevent potential offspring or your dog is showing clearly dysfunctional sexual behaviour, temporary or permanent contraception can definitely have many advantages. However, unnecessary interventions should never take place. Hence, take thorough advice as to whether hormone treatment or an operation are necessary and advisable. Carefully weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of the different contraceptive methods and consider individual factors like age and your dog’s nature and state of health. The decision on the right form of contraception has to be made individually for each dog.

    I am supporting the zooplus magazine for several years with my extensive expertise. I became a licensed veterinarian as early as 2009 and currently operate a mobile small animal practice in the metropolitan area of Munich.

    Chemical Prevention Of Oestrus Cycles

    Birth control can be employed using various drugs similar to natural reproductive hormones. The drugs are administered by injection or as tablets at specified intervals, and it is very important that veterinary advice is followed as regards the treatment programme. The drugs used can prevent or shorten oestrus cycles but many have potentially serious side-effects which should be discussed with your vet.

    This method is similar to human contraception, but the potential risks mean that it is not generally considered desirable for on-going, long-term birth control in pet dogs. It may be used as a short-term measure, or as a permanent measure only in dogs that for some reason cannot undergo conventional surgical .

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    Can You Spay A Dog During False Pregnancy

    Ovariohysterectomy is generally recommended for female dogs not suitable for breeding. However, spaying a dog during false pregnancy is not recommended as it may prolong the false pregnancy. If you decide that you want to have your dog spayed, the surgery should wait until the signs of false pregnancy resolve.

    Reasons Spaying And Neutering Dogs Isnt Always Appropriate

    Dog Pregnancy Prevention Harness (Size Small) for sale online

    The bulk of the veterinary community recommends that mostowners spay or neuter their pets. Not only are both operations effective formsof birth control, they also offer a number of health benefits.

    However, there are some cases in which spaying and neutering arent ideal. A few of the most common examples are discussed below.

    • Dogs who cannot tolerate anesthesia
    • Dogs who are poor candidates for surgery
    • Dogs who are slated for future breeding trials
    • Owners who are concerned about personalitychanges following sterilization

    If any of the descriptions above apply to you or your pup, you may be forced to consider medicinal or barrier-style contraception for your canine.

    Ultimately, there are pros and cons to having your dog altered, so be sure to discuss your decision with your vet. If youd like to read more about the pros and cons of spaying and neutering, check out this article on the subject , authored by K9 of Mine contributing veterinarian Joanna de Klerk.

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    Unwanted Pregnancy In Dogs: Prevention And Termination

    Most dogs get in heat at least twice or three times a year, depending on their size and breed. Female dogs attract male dogs in their vicinity with the pheromones that they secrete and cause pregnancy in dogs. What if this is an unwanted dog pregnancy?

    If you own a female dog and are not wary about heat cycles, you could own multi-breed puppies in no time. And this will contribute to an already overwhelming overpopulation of dogs.

    As a result, animal shelters stay packed because of the large number of puppies left. Primarily due to unwanted pregnancies.

    In this article, we will help you determine the signs of whether your dog is pregnant or not. We will also discuss the ways how to prevent or terminate this.

    Ready for this? Read on to continue.

    Why Are My Dogs Nipples Swollen Not Pregnant

    Mastitis occurs when the mammary glands, which are located in the breasts of dogs, become inflamed, typically due to a bacterial infection or milk accumulation. Bacteria enters the gland through the opening in the teat and causes an infection, inflammation, and other problematic symptoms of mastitis.

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    How To Tell If Your Dog Is Pregnant

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    Our beloved canines seem to always be full of surprises and one of the bigger ones is finding out that your dog is pregnant. You may have come to this article wondering how to determine if your pup is pregnant, but it is not always easy to tell.

    Of course, the best way to find out if your dog is pregnant is to take her to your veterinarian for diagnostic tests.

    In this article, we will explain how to diagnose pregnancy in your dog and walk you through the process.

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    How To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy In Dogs

    How to Prevent Dog Pregnancy After Mating | Wag!

    I’m sure you have already heard of the saying, Prevention is better than cure.

    Although this quote refers to several situations, it can also relate to unwanted dog pregnancies.

    Puppies are adorable and cuddly. However, if we don’t have the resources to take care of them, it might break out into a bigger problem.

    Thus, to stop this from happening, here are some of the things that can help you prevent your dog’s unwanted pregnancy.

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