What To Do Once You Find Out You Re Pregnant

Focus On Your Nutrition

What To Do When You Find Out Youâre Pregnant – “Take A STEP”

Youre eating to feed two. So its important to get adequate nutrition for both your and your developing babys whole health. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Talk to your doctor about what vitamins are best for you. In general, prenatal vitamins with DHA are commonly recommended.
  • Eat a balanced diet, avoiding foods that could be harmful to your baby, such as unpasteurized dairy and juices, certain seafood, undercooked meat and too much caffeine. Talk to your doctor about his or her specific recommendations for you.
  • Be aware of what over-the-counter medications are considered safe during pregnancy and be cautious about anything not approved by your doctor.

How Do I Know If Im Pregnant

Also keep in mind that it takes up to a few weeks for pregnancy to happen after sex. So if the sex happened a few days ago, you cant be pregnant yet in fact, you can still use emergency contraception to help prevent pregnancy if its been less than 5 days since youve had unprotected sex.

The first thing to do if you think youre pregnant is take a pregnancy test its the only way to know for sure. A pregnancy test can tell you if youre pregnant as soon as your period is late. Read more about pregnancy tests.

Early pregnancy symptoms include bloating, sore breasts, upset stomach, and feeling tired. But these symptoms can also be caused by other things, like PMS or being sick. And some people dont have symptoms at all in early pregnancy. So symptoms alone cant tell you whats going on only a pregnancy test can.

If your pregnancy test is positive, make an appointment with your doctor or local Planned Parenthood Health Center right away so you can talk about your pregnancy options and make sure you stay healthy no matter what you decide to do about your pregnancy. But be careful to go to a real health center and not a crisis pregnancy center these are fake clinics that often say they offer pregnancy tests and counseling, but they dont actually provide a full range of real health care. They wont give you honest information about your pregnancy options, and they dont have to follow privacy laws. Planned Parenthood can help you find somewhere trustworthy.

Pay Attention To Your Body

Pregnancy causes a LOT of changes, and some of them can feel pretty weird. So whats normal and whats cause for concern?

Honestly, Ive found that my body and instinct has been the best indicator for me.

With my miscarriage, I experienced light spotting early on. Some books and sources will say that this can be normal , however, I just knew something was wrong.

I listened to my body and scheduled an appointment with my midwife right away. She was able to prepare me for the possibility that I was miscarrying.

While its ok to research online or ask a friend to see whats normal, when in doubt always ask your doctor or midwife.

Your body will also let you know when you need to adjust your daily habits. For example:

  • If youre feeling stomach discomfort, you might want to take a closer look at your diet. I started eating gluten free during my first pregnancy and it relieved so many digestive symptoms!
  • Extreme fatigue may be your body signaling that you need to rest more, whether it be going to sleep a little earlier or taking a midday catnap.
  • Aches and pains might be your bodies way of telling you to slow down. I know that when Im on the go or pushing it physically, my body lets me know when Ive pushed a little too hard. .

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How Do I Tell My Parents That Im Pregnant

Even though it might feel scary, talking with a parent or caregiver can really help. They can talk through your options with you, and help you get the health care you need.

Many people worry that their parents/caregivers will freak out, but thats not always what happens. If you can, try to be open and honest. Start by saying that you trust them and need their help and support. Most of the time, they just want to make sure youre healthy and safe. If your parents/caregivers do get upset, they may just need some time to calm down.

Sometimes parents/caregivers are shocked or angry, and sometimes they’re understanding. Theres really no way to know how yours will feel unless you talk with them about it. It might help to find a time when you can talk in private and there are no distractions. If youre feeling really nervous or scared, you can always ask a friend or other family member to be there with you during the conversation. That way, youll have support no matter what happens.

If you really feel like you cant talk to your parents/caregivers, try talking to another adult who you trust . If youre worried that telling your parents/caregivers youre pregnant may put you in danger, tell a teacher, nurse or doctor, or other adult you trust.

Make Sleep A Priority

What to do when you find out you are pregnant  Womens Obstetrics ...

I know, I know there are a lot of things that get in the way of a full nights sleep. Kids, work, stress, you name it!

However, sleep is crucial during pregnancy to keep you healthy, and make sure that youve got enough energy to grow a baby and function during the day.

I also found that on nights when I didnt get enough sleep, I felt terrible the next day! Making sleep a priority helped tremendously with my morning sickness.

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What Should I Eat

Eating a balanced diet is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby. Be careful of the following foods and drinks during pregnancy:

  • Raw meat, eggs, and fish. Food that isnt fully cooked can put you at risk for food poisoning. Dont eat more than 2 or 3 servings of fish per week . Dont eat shark, swordfish, king mackerel, or tilefish. These fish have high levels of mercury, which can harm your baby. If you eat tuna, make sure its light tuna. Dont eat more than 6 ounces of albacore tuna and tuna steaks per week. Its safe to have 12 ounces of canned light tuna per week.
  • Fruits and vegetables. Wash all produce before eating it. Keep cutting boards and dishes clean.
  • Dairy. Eat 4 or more servings each day. This will give you enough calcium for you and your baby. Dont drink unpasteurized milk or eat unpasteurized milk products. These may have bacteria that can cause infections. This includes soft cheeses such as Brie, feta, Camembert, and blue cheese, or Mexican-style cheeses, such as queso fresco.
  • Sugar substitutes. Some artificial sweeteners are okay in moderation. These include aspartame and sucralose . However, if you have phenylketonuria , avoid aspartame.
  • Caffeine. Dont drink more than 1 or 2 cups of coffee or other drinks with caffeine each day.

Start With The Pregnancy Basics

  • Calculate your baby’s due date. Don’t bother with a pencil and paper just use our handy due date calculator. Not only will it tell you the date you’ll be looking forward to all pregnancy long, it’ll give you a personalized calendar that shows when you’ll hear your baby’s heartbeat, find out your baby’s sex, and more.
  • Choose a doctor or midwife. You’ll be seeing a lot of your obstetrician, family physician, or midwife over the coming months, so it’s important to find a good match. Once you’ve made your decision, help get your pregnancy off to a healthy start by scheduling your first prenatal appointment.
  • . Some women wait until after the first trimester, when the risk of miscarriage drops, while others announce it right away. Some wait to tell their co-workers or boss to avoid being treated differently at work, while others want their workplace buds to understand why they’re a little green around the gills. Also consider how you’ll make the news public in person, by phone, in writing, or by picture or video . Of course, this should be a joint decision you don’t want to opt for secrecy only to discover that your partner’s already announced the news to 400 Facebook friends.

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Start Thinking Of How Youll Announce Your Pregnancy

Its so fun to let others know you are pregnant. The timing of when to announce your pregnancy is up to you. Here are some memorable ways to let your parents know youre pregnant as well as adorable ways to let your family know youre pregnant.

Then, when youre ready to announce it to the masses here are some ideas:

Schedule Your Prenatal Appointments

What To Do When You Find Out You’re Pregnant

Once you have a health care provider, schedule your first prenatal appointment. There, you can expect to have bloodwork done or an early ultrasound so your doctor can confirm you’re pregnant.

They should also discuss your medical history and any medications you’re on to ensure you aren’t taking anything that could harm your pregnancy. For example, popular anti-inflammatory meds like ibuprofen aren’t safe to take while pregnant.

Your doctor will review expectations, give you an estimated due date and prescribe prenatal vitamins if you’re not taking any. Use this opportunity to ask any questions or concerns you might have there’s no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to this.

You can expect an overload of information at your first appointment, so don’t be afraid to take notes, or have a loved one take notes for you.

  • Twice per month until week 36
  • Every week from week 36 to birth

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Things To Do After You Find Out You’re Pregnant

When you become a first-time mom-to-be, you will feel like an explorer walking in uncharted territory. You might feel overwhelmed and out of sorts. But you are not the first to be pregnant and there are lots of women who can give you the support you need to carry you through!

Often, when pregnancy can feel overwhelming, one of the best ways to take the anxiety away is to get organized! This will help you take control of the situation and feel the most prepared for the big day! We made a list of the 16 things you need to do in your first trimester to get organized and feel in charge!

Congratulations! The best is yet to come!

1. Schedule A Doctors Appointment

Healthy moms have healthy babies. Your doctor needs to make sure you are healthy and that your baby is also growing well and on time. At your doctors visit, he or she will rule out ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage, listen and measure the babys heartbeat, check to see if you are carrying multiples, and calculate your due date. Your doctor should also take blood and urine samples to check for abnormalities. If you have health concerns or struggle with health issues, they can begin a treatment plan with you to ensure safe delivery. Finding a doctor you like is very important. You need to feel comfortable and safe with them, so take some time to research. Start out by asking friends for OBGYN recommendations and take advantage of Google ratings! You can also ask your local pregnancy resource center, as well.

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Start Looking Into Childcare

Okay, this one totally depends on where you live, but I have heard of people being on a waitlist for childcare in some cities for up to a year!

If you know you want to be a working mom, then start exploring your options when you find out youre pregnant. Talk to friends and family members so you can get a pulse on the childcare situation in your city.

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Avoid Alcohol Tobacco Marijuana And Excess Caffeine

Cut out substances including alcohol, tobacco and marijuana once you find out you’re pregnant. These substances are proven to have harmful effects on your child’s development and can lead to a miscarriage or stillbirth.

It’s also recommended you reduce your caffeine intake to 200 mg or less per day. Any more than that can increase your risk of a miscarriage, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

What To Do After You Get A Positive Pregnancy Test

10 Things to Do When You Find Out You

Surprise, youre pregnant! If this truly is a surprise, stay calm, talk with your partner and consider all your options. The truth is no one can tell you exactly what to do after you get a positive pregnancy test. You might be thrilled to begin or increase your family, be upset because its a surprise and its not part of your plans, or you may have emotions somewhere in between. However you react, here are some guidelines.

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How Soon Can I Take A Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy tests work by detecting a certain level of human chorionic gonadotrophin in your pee. You can take a pregnancy test as soon as youve missed your period. However, its best to wait at least one week after youve missed your period to get the most accurate results. While some tests claim to give you accurate results before a missed period, taking a test too soon can result in a false negative .

Your healthcare provider can take a blood sample to test for pregnancy as early as one week before a missed period.

Consider Taking A Second Test

If your first instinct is to run to the pharmacy and buy all the different pregnancy test options, take a deep breath and slow down. Certainly, theres no harm in taking a second test. Human error and misreadings can occurso a little validation can give you some peace of mind.

Its true that an expired pregnancy test or, more commonly, user error can result in a false positive. This is why its important to read labels and carefully follow all included instructions when taking a pregnancy test. Wait too long to check the result, and you may note the appearance of a faint evaporation line and misread the resultsmeaning you interpret it as positive when its actually negative.

Keep in mind that while false positives are very uncommon with pregnancy tests, theres a small chance that an at-home test can pick up the pregnancy hormone, hCG, even if youve miscarried shortly after conceptionsomething that doctors refer to as a chemical pregnancy. You probably wouldnt even know that you were pregnant, if you didnt take the pregnancy test, says , MD, a clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut. If you did have a chemical pregnancy, youll likely get your period a little late.

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Decide When To Tell Family & Friends

This is a very personal decision, and every couple handles it differently.

Some couples decide to wait until after the first trimester to go public with the news, as the risk of miscarriage decreases dramatically during the second trimester.

Others choose to spread the word right away.

I miscarried my first pregnancy in the first trimester, before we really told anyone outside close family. This meant that I suffered one of the hardest things in my life while no one knew what was happening.

For my last two pregnancies, I told people much sooner. I figured that if anything were to go wrong, it would be easier to heal with the support of family and friends.

A big announcement and a little baby bump!

If you have older children, youll also want to think about when to let them in on the surprise. With my last pregnancy, our oldest daughter was four at the time, so we waited to tell her until I was showing and it made more sense to her. This time around we told the girls right away we were too excited to wait!

Again, deciding when to tell is a very personal decision, but its one youll want to think about right away to make sure that you and your partner/spouse are on the same page.

Know Your Blood Pressure

Youâre pregnantâ¦five things to do when you find out youâre expecting.

Your blood pressure is an important indicator of whole health. If high blood pressure is not treated during pregnancy, it can lead to complications for both a mother and her baby, including preeclampsia, eclampsia, stroke, pregnancy induction and placental abruption. Untreated high blood pressure can also affect the mothers blood vessels and reduce the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the baby. The good news is that much of this can be prevented with routine blood pressure screenings and treatment to manage it, if necessary.

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Things To Do When You Find Out You Are Pregnant

Just found out youre pregnant and not sure what to do next? Here are 14 things to do when you find out you are pregnant to help you prepare, stay healthy, and have the best pregnancy you can!

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Note: This is my opinion on what you should do when you find out you are pregnant. It is how I feel, and I feel strongly about it. I know others will either agree or disagree, and that is fine, but it doesnt change my experiences or my thoughts. So please be courteous about what you comment.

The second you find out you are pregnant, a lot of things can run through your mind.

We are going to be parents!Oh my gosh, we are going to be parents!We are going to have a CHILD.I am going to get so huge.Its going to cost so much money.Ive never diapered a baby before.But we are going to be parents!What in the world do we do now???

Dont worry! I am here to tell you some helpful tips and things to do once you find out you are pregnant! During my first pregnancy, I was just so full of excitement that I didnt think about some of these things. But after being pregnant three times and having three babies, Ive realized that there are several things that youll want to do as soon as you find out you are pregnant, and then throughout pregnancy.

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