Where To Make An Appointment For Pregnancy

About Your Booking Appointment

When should I make my first prenatal appointment?

The appointment can take a couple of hours and will usually take place in the community, though it may be necessary for you to go to hospital for your scan or if you need to see a doctor.

At this appointment you will be given a scan to confirm that you are pregnant and when you are due. You will also be given information about:

  • how the baby develops during pregnancy
  • nutrition and diet
  • your options for where to have your baby
  • your green maternity hand held record should be given to you at this visit

Taking A Support Person To Your Pregnancy Appointments

If possible, its a good idea to ask your partner, a friend or a family member to go with you to pregnancy appointments.

Your support person can help you remember information, share the experience with you and provide comfort and encouragement.

Your partner or support person might be asked to leave the room for a short time during some of your pregnancy appointments. This is so your health professional can talk one on one with you about how things are going at home.

Some services offer appointments in the evenings or weekends. This might make it easier for you and your support person to go to appointments together. You can ask your health professional if these hours are available.

Its also OK to go to appointments on your own.

To 12 Weeks: Booking Appointment

It’s best to see your midwife or doctor as early as possible to get the information you need to have a healthy pregnancy.

Some tests, such as screening for sickle cell and thalassaemia, should be done before you’re 10 weeks pregnant.

Your midwife or doctor should give you information about:

  • how the baby develops during pregnancy
  • nutrition and diet
  • ask about your mood to assess your mental health
  • ask about any past or present severe mental illness or psychiatric treatment

This appointment is an opportunity to tell your midwife or doctor if you’re in a vulnerable situation or if you need extra support.

This could be because of domestic abuse or violence, sexual abuse or female genital mutilation .

FGM can cause problems during labour and childbirth, which can be life threatening for you and your baby.

It’s important you tell your midwife or doctor if this has happened to you.

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Prenatal Care During The First Trimester

We suggest scheduling a confirmation of pregnancy appointment as soon as you think youre pregnant. This is an important visit. Well take time getting to know you, discussing your medical history and ensuring we have an up-to-date list of all the medications and herbal remedies you use. We also want to know about your gynecological history, if youve had any previous pregnancies, including miscarriages and any problems youve had with your menstrual cycle.

You may wish for your partner to be with you during this first appointment, however, if there are issues of a sensitive nature, youll always have an opportunity to speak to one of us privately.

After your pregnancy confirmation appointment, you will be scheduled for your first obstetric appointment. During that appointment, we will:

  • Establish your due date
  • Determine which vaccinations you have had and if you will need additional ones
  • Determine the suggested amount of weight you will need to gain for your pregnancy
  • Perform an ultrasound of your pregnancy
  • Perform a gynecological exam
  • Develop a care plan tailored to your needs that includes consideration of your obstetrical and medical history
  • Discuss the availability of genetic testing options if desired

This is a good time to review information on our wide variety of childbirth, child care and breastfeeding classes that are available.

Know What To Expect At Your First Prenatal Appointment

Make an Appointment with The Pregnancy Network

Your first prenatal visit is usually the longest unless you experience complications with your pregnancy.

Routine Procedures

At this appointment, your provider will take your medical history, check your weight and blood pressure, and perform blood tests. These blood tests will test your blood type, Rh factor, exposure to hepatitis and syphilis, and immunity to German measles.

Fetal Heartbeat

You may be able to hear your babys heartbeat at this appointment. However, if your prenatal appointment is on the earlierside, you may need to wait to hear your babys heartbeat. The fetal heartbeat is usually first detectable between 12 and 14 weeks.

HIV Testing

You may choose to take an HIV test during the early stages of your pregnancy. Any person who is sexually active is at least potentially at risk for HIV infection. Many people who are HIV positive do not belong to any particular high risk group, such as drug users.

HIV in pregnancy has potentially serious implications for mother and baby. We now have the capacity to offer medications in pregnancy to help prevent transmission of the virus to the baby. Obviously, we cannot offer medications unless we know your HIV status. Most women will have a normal or negative result and will be relieved by having this information. If you do test positive, we will help you in obtaining specialized care for both yourself and your baby.

Prenatal Care Plan

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Positive Pregnancy Test What To Expect At Your First Obgyn Appointment

Youre anxiously waiting for several minutes before you can check your home pregnancy test and. Boom. Positive!

Whether there are two lines, a plus sign, or a digital Pregnant screen staring back at you, youre probably filled with a variety of emotions. And no matter what those emotions are, youre probably wondering, What should I do next?

The first thing you should do is call your OBGyn and make an appointment.

Twin Pregnancy: Special Concerns

Many women deliver healthy twins, but a multiple birth needs extra attention and care. Your doctor will focus on some key areas during your prenatal visits:

Proper nutrition and weight gain. Given that youre carrying two little ones, you’ll need to gain more weight than a woman carrying a single baby. A normal amount of weight gain for a woman carrying twins is between 35 to 45 pounds. Your doctor will talk with you about exactly how much weight you should gain, what types of foods you should eat, and what supplements to take.

Preterm labor. Preterm labor, or labor that starts before the end of the 37th week, is the biggest health concern for twin pregnancies. Premature babies have a higher risk for health problems than babies that go full term. About half of all twins are born preterm. Your doctor will review signs of preterm labor with you and watch carefully during your prenatal visits for any signs of preterm labor.

Your health risks. A twin pregnancy raises your risk for high blood pressure, anemia, gestational diabetes, and needing a C-section compared with someone carrying a single child. Your doctor will monitor you for these conditions during your prenatal visits.

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What To Expect When Youre Expecting

At Virginia Womens Health Associates, we are partners with you throughout your pregnancy.

Regular prenatal visits with your OBGYN are important to monitor your health and your babys health. The frequency of prenatal visits depends on how far along you are in the pregnancy and any known health conditions.

During your first pregnancy you may not know what to expect or the steps you should take to ensure the health of you and your baby.

Learn all you need to know about prenatal visits below and call Virginia Womens Health Associates any time if you have additional questions. You can also request an appointment at our offices in Reston & Annandale, VA online today!

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First Trimester Prenatal Appointments: What To Expect

8 WEEKS PREGNANT + FIRST ULTRASOUND | What to Expect at FIRST Doctor Appointment During Pregnancy

Your first trimester prenatal appointment, which often takes place during the second month of pregnancy, is usually the longest one as it encompasses a full recording of your medical, gynecological and obstetrical history as well as your mental health history. Your practitioner will ask about any medications you take, any diseases youve been exposed to and shell want to know your partners medical details, too.

Next, youll have a check-up thatll include your height, weight, blood pressure and a pelvic exam as well as confirmation of your pregnancy. A number of tests will follow, such as urine, bloodwork, genetic carrier screening, STDs, a pap smear and a blood sugar test.

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Prepare For Your First Prenatal Appointment

Once youve established your healthcare provider of choice and secured an appointment, what should you prepare? Bring a list of any supplements and medications youre taking, including their dosages, recommends Beth Murray-Davis, a registered midwife and an associate professor in the midwifery education program at McMaster University in Hamilton. Find out about your family history if you can. Did your mother or grandmother have any risk factors in pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes and hypertension? Does your partner or his family have a history of any genetic disorders? If youre pregnant with a donated sperm or egg or both, try to gather the donors medical history.

When Will My First Prenatal Visit Take Place

The first prenatal appointment usually takes place in the second month, between week 6 and week 8 of pregnancy.

Be sure to call as soon as you suspect you’re pregnant and have taken a pregnancy test. Some practitioners will be able to fit you in right away, but others may have waits of several weeks . Certain OB/GYN offices also offer an earlier “pre-OB” visit to confirm a pregnancy as soon as you think you’re expecting.

Regardless of when that first appointment is scheduled, start acting pregnant once you get that positive result at home . You may be familiar with the basics, but don’t hesitate to call your practitioner’s office if you need to brush up.

And if the wait is of concern because you feel your pregnancy may be high-risk , check in with the office to see if you can come in earlier.

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To Make The Time Go By Faster Get A Head Start On Your First Visit By:

1. Reviewing your medical history:

We will ask you about your medical history, your partners medical history and your family history. This is to make sure you have the best prenatal care plan for you and your baby. Its also a good idea to bring a list of your current medications. Make sure to include any vitamins and over-the-counter medications youre taking.

2. Writing down your questions:

Its hard to remember everything! Write down your questions and bring them with you to your first appointment. Check out our suggested list of questions here.

3. Taking a prenatal vitamin:

There are many good options for over-the-counter prenatal vitamins. Look for one with at least 400mcg of folic acid and make sure it includes DHA, which is a supplement that can help promote brain and eye development. DHA is also found in fish, so adding low-mercury fish to your diet is beneficial for you and your baby.

4. Taking care of yourself:

Keep yourself hydrated, well-nourished and well-rested.

What You’ll Be Asked

Make An Appointment

Your midwife will ask you about:

  • you and your familys health
  • your relationship with your babys father or your partner to see whether you or they may need support
  • your mental health and how youre feeling – including if youve had mental health difficulties before or if youre being treated for any now
  • whether you drink alcohol and if so how much – if you’ve been drinking during pregnancy speak honestly to your midwife or GP

Give as much information as you can, as it means youll get the care thats best for you and your baby.

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What If You Have A High Risk For Certain Genetic Diseases

Genetic counseling can be beneficial if you are at risk for certain genetic disease. This type of counseling involves taking an extensive medical history and assessing the health of you, your partner, and your respective families.

After this information has been evaluated, you may receive counseling regarding certain genetic risks. Your counselor may recommend that you, your partner, or certain family members undergo blood testing for inheritable diseases.

You may also be offered early pregnancy screening tests, such as ultrasound and amniocentesis, to assess your pregnancy for the presence of a genetic disease.

The first prenatal physical examination is comprehensive so your doctor can evaluate any abnormalities that may be present in various parts of the body.

Your First Pregnancy Appointment

Once you know that you are pregnant, you can call our Appointment Center to schedule your first pregnancy or prenatal appointment, which we also call an OB Intake appointment.” During this visit, a nurse will review your medical history with you and explain what you can expect throughout your pregnancy.

At this first visit, you will receive a calendar to help you prepare for your new baby and meet some of the Denver Health professionals who will help you understand what to expect during this exciting time in your life and how to have a healthy pregnancy.

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When Should I Have My First Prenatal Appointment

We encourage patients to reach out as soon as they find out they are pregnant. We can then help them through next steps, which vary depending on their specific needs and the location where they want to be seen.

In most cases, an obstetric nurse will first meet with the patient virtually six to eight weeks after their last period. During this call, they see how the patient is feeling, do an initial risk assessment, and review medical and family history. They will also do some initial prenatal education. The nurse will work with the patient to schedule their first in-person appointment. We typically schedule the first in-person prenatal appointment approximately 10 weeks after the first day of a patients last period.

To schedule your first prenatal appointment, or request an initial phone call, call the location youd like to visit. You can choose a location based on the provider you would like to work with, or the M Health Fairview Birthplace where you would like to deliver your baby. Where you receive prenatal care can help determine which Birthplace you use for delivery. Find a Birthplace near you.

How Much Does Prenatal Care Cost

What will the doctor do at my first prenatal appointment?

The cost of prenatal care depends on where you go and whether you have insurance. The cost can also change if you need special testing or treatment.

Most insurance plans cover the cost of prenatal care. If you dont have health insurance, you may be able to get low-cost or free prenatal care from Planned Parenthood, community health centers, or other family planning clinics.

You might also qualify for health insurance through your state if youre pregnant. Your local Planned Parenthood health center can give you information about getting health insurance coverage and referrals for prenatal care.

Planned Parenthood works to bring you quality, affordable health care, whether or not you have insurance. If youre worried about the cost of prenatal visits, your local Planned Parenthood health center can help you find health care that fits your budget.

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Bring Your Partner To Your Prenatal Visit

If you have a partner, ask them to join you for that first prenatal appointment. Its a lot to take in on one visit, says Susan Thorne, department chief of obstetrics and gynaecology and medical director of the Maternal Newborn Program at Queensway Carleton Hospital in Ottawa. Make note of your concerns and be prepared to jot down any relevant informationat your first appointment or keep a running list of questions on your phone.

When You Can Expect To Hear Your Babys Heartbeat

Depending on when you have your first ultrasound, you may be able to hear your babys heartbeat at your first scan, when youre at least six to seven weeks. More commonly, your healthcare provider should be able to detect the babys heartbeat using a Doppler fetal monitor when youre 12 weeks along, so youll get to hear it for the first time then.

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We Are Taking Many Precautions To Help Ensure The Health And Safety Of Our Patients And Staff Schedule An Appointment Online By Clicking Below Or Call Our Office To Learn More

A positive pregnancy test must be performed by the Pregnancy Care Center of Grants Pass prior to scheduling a limited ultrasound. 714 S.E. 8th Street, Grants Pass, Or, 97526Note: you may receive text message notification reminders related to your appointment on the mobile number provided . If you do not wish to receive text message reminder notifications, please call our office to schedule an appointment and inform us that you would not like to receive these reminder notifications.The best part of my experience was how easy it was to make appointments and its FREE!

Your Seventh Or Eighth Appointment

Make an Appointment

Between 26 to 28 weeks of pregnancy, you’ll likely have another prenatal care appointment. Here’s what may happen:

  • Check blood pressure
  • Check for swelling in your hands and feet
  • Listen to the baby’s heartbeat
  • Measure your fundal height to check baby’s growth
  • Questions about baby’s movements
  • Urine sample to screen for sugar and protein

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Schedule Your Next Prenatal Care Appointment

Depending on your doctor, you will probably schedule your next prenatal appointment for a few weeks in the future. At the second appointment, your doctor may use a doppler so you can listen to your babys heartbeat. So exciting!

Not all obstetrics and gynecologists offices are the same. Depending on your doctor and health circumstances, your first OBGyn visit might vary a little bit.

Keep in mind that its good to have some expectations upon meeting your doctor for the first time, but try to maintain an open mind and a flexible attitude. After all, pregnancy can be as unpredictable as it is beautiful, and keeping an open mind will help you to better handle any unexpected surprises in your journey.

Have you *finally* gotten your BFP? Are you looking for an OB/Gyn in the Tucson area? Let us join you on your pregnancy journey. Book an appointment today!

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