Is It Possible To Get Pregnant After Taking Plan B

Likelihood Of Pregnancy With Precum And Plan B

Can you still get pregnant after taking Plan B?

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my boyfriend and i did some pretty heavy making out…and were completely undressed…saturday night. this was the first time i had ever gone this far with someone and am very nervous about the likelihood of pregnancy. i am due for ovulation anywhere from that saturday until next saturday but did not know this until i reviewed my previous cycle. i did not allow him to penetrate me totally, but he did finger me a few times after adjusting himself. he also told me he finished himself after i left so i know he did not ejaculate anywhere near me or my clothing. i’m sure he used the bathroom at least once before we began our make-out session and know he did not ejaculate that day after i got there. i did take the plan b onestep pill this morning, but i had to wait to take it for about 36-40 hours after he may have pre-ejaculated on or in me. Can you get pregnant from precum? basically, i just need to know how high my chances are of being or becoming pregnant and what my next steps should be.


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Can You Get Pregnant If You Have Unprotected Sex One Day After Taking The Morning

can you get pregnant if you had unprotected sex one day after using plan b?

Yes, its possible to get pregnant. The morning-after pill can help prevent pregnancy when you take it after having unprotected sex. But, it wont prevent pregnancy for any sex you may have after taking it. So if you use the morning-after pill and then have unprotected sex, youll need to take it again.

If youre having vaginal sex and you dont want to get pregnant, use an ongoing form of birth control like the pill, patch, ring, shot, implant, or IUD. Using both a condom and another method of birth control can make sex even safer from both pregnancy and STDs.

Alternatives To Plan B

If you’re considering using emergency contraception, there are more effective options than Plan B and similar morning-after pills. These include having a ParaGard IUD inserted within five days or getting a prescription for Ella , which also must be taken within five days after having unprotected sex but is as effective at that point as it is on day one.

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No Plan B Does Not Affect Fertility

Plan B works by temporarily delaying or preventing ovulation, which is when the ovaries release a mature egg. Plan B affects ovulation for one cycle, but it does not impact future fertility, says Kate White, MD, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Boston University School of Medicine.

Plan B contains levonorgestrel, a type of progestin hormone also present in birth control pills, that delays or prevents the release of an egg. It may also make vaginal fluid thicker, which can prevent sperm from reaching an egg.

A 2018 very large analysis found contraceptive use, regardless of its duration, does not impact future fertility. Taking plan B multiple times will also not impact your future fertility, White says.


Side Effects Of Emergency Contraception Pills

Plan B morning

The most common side effect is nausea, with or without vomiting. There are ways to decrease this if you become nauseous easily. Take the pill with food. You may elect to take prescription or over-the-counter anti-nausea medications about 30 minutes prior to the first dose of an emergency contraception pill.

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Can The Morning After Pill Delay Your Period

So you want to know how late can a period be without being pregnant. But can the emergency birth control pill delay your period? Yes.

The three potential effects of the pill on your period are:

  • No effect that means your period arrives on the same day as expected.
  • Delay the period arrives later than usual. Most often, this can be seven days or up to 2 weeks after the expected period.
  • However, some women report even longer delay after taking the EC pill when they are not pregnant. Sometimes this may be related to the pill for instance, taking more than one pill in one cycle could mess up your periods for a while, but it should return to normal.
  • If this is not the case, your doctor will consider other causes.
  • Examples are:
  • chronic illness, or
  • being in perimenopause and others.
  • Early In some women, your period may come on earlier than expected after the pill. According to some studies, taking the EC pill early in your cycle could mean the next period comes early. But this is not something we see all the time, so its not very reliable.
  • Antiprogestin Emergency Contraception Pill

    Available by prescription in the USA

    Antiprogestin emergency contraception pills are the most effective form of emergency contraceptive pill and available only by prescription in the USA. This pill should be taken as soon as possible after unprotected sex , but you can take it up to five days later .

    This emergency contraception pill changes the way progesterone works in your body . It works by preventing or slowing ovulation . When ovulation is postponed or halted, there is no egg for sperm to fertilize, and pregnancy is prevented.

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    Side Effects Of Levonorgestrel

    Many women have taken emergency contraception without serious complications. But it’s a good idea to ask your doctor about possible interactions with other medications.

    Levonorgestrel is considered safe for most women. You should not take it if you are pregnant because it will not end the pregnancy.

    Potential side effects of levonorgestrel include:

    If you vomit within two hours after taking the drug, call a healthcare professional to find out if you should repeat the dose.

    With levonorgestrel, you may also have some unexpected bleeding. It should go away by the time of your next period. However, it is possible that levonorgestrel may cause your next period to be heavier or lighter than usual. It may also come earlier or later than is normal for you. If you don’t get your period within three weeks, get a pregnancy test to make sure you’re not pregnant. Read more on emergency contraception side effects.

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    It Can Be A Long Wait


    If youre reading this article, odds are youve taken a morning-after pill and are anxious to learn if youre pregnant. Know that many people have been in your position before you, and understand how you feel. Its normal to feel worried. Try to take care of yourself, and talk to your doctor if you want more information or more help.

    Remember: If you took Plan B on time, and are within its recommended weight range, its very effective. Its also worth noting that if you take plan B and still get pregnant, it wont terminate the pregnancy, and it wont harm you or the fetus.15

    And remember, emergency contraceptives should only be used in emergencies. If youre sexually active and dont want to get pregnant, we strongly recommend finding a highly effective thats right for you. Uncertainty is stressful, and a highly effective birth control can mean peace of mind no matter what happens.


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    Why You Need To Wait To Take A Pregnancy Test

    Plan B is only 95% effective. That means there is a chance that you were unlucky and had already ovulated that is, were at peak fertility right before you had unprotected sex. Even if you use Plan B as directed, you could be in the 5% non-effective group.

    If you do get pregnant, heres what happens in your body next, and why you have to wait a few days before you can take a pregnancy test.

    First, the egg released by your ovaries will be fertilized by a sperm in your fallopian tube.13 It can then take up to nine days for the fertilized egg to implant into your uterus.13 This triggers the growth of the placenta, which starts making a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, which shows up in your urine.13

    A certain level of hCG needs to be present in your urine before a pregnancy test can actually detect it. The delay of a few days each for fertilization, implantation, and hCG production is why you have to wait so long after sex before you can take a pregnancy test and expect real results.

    How long do you have to wait to take a pregnancy test? Some pregnancy tests say you can start testing as early as six days before your period , like Clearblue and others that bill themselves as early detection. Regular pregnancy tests are the most accurate if you wait till your period is supposed to start .14

    Can You Take Plan B On Birth Control

    Yes, you can take Plan B on birth control. If you forgot to take your birth control pill and had unprotected sex, you could take the morning-after pill to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. You can resume taking your birth control again right away. Its best to use another form of contraception until your birth control is fully reliable again after the missed pill or pills.

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    Whats The Short Answer

    Its really quite simple: No morning-after pill works during ovulation, as theyre designed to delay it.

    If ovulation is already happening, Plan B will have failed before its even begun. But knowing whether youre ovulating can be tricky.

    If there could be a risk that Plan B fails, the copper intrauterine device is your best bet. Not only is it a highly effective emergency contraceptive, but it can also be used for long-term contraception.

    The best way of preventing pregnancy throughout your cycle is to use a long-acting form of contraception.

    There are several methods to choose from, including:

    Barrier methods, such as condoms, are also an option. Although these methods are less effective than the above. Of course, youd need to be using these before you have sex.

    If you have sex without adequate contraception during ovulation, the copper IUD is the safest emergency contraceptive .

    Youll need to have it inserted within 5 days after sex or ovulation for it to work.

    Once in, the copper makes it difficult for sperm to reach the egg, reducing the chance of pregnancy by more than 99 percent.

    Plus, you can keep it in for use as a regular contraceptive for up to 10 years.

    Where Can I Find More Information

    Can You Get Your Period And Still Be Pregnant After Plan B

    Your paediatrician, family doctor, pharmacist or local public health department will have more information about this topic. In some provinces, pharmacists can give out emergency contraception without a prescription. On the Internet, you can try or look for the Canadian Paediatric Society position statement on emergency contraception prepared by the Adolescent Health Committee on the Societys Web site.

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    Can You Have Sex After Taking Plan B

    You can have sex after taking Plan B if you have protected sex. Plan B does not work to prevent pregnancy when taken before intercourse. Plan B only works for a single act of sex and only within five days of unprotected sex , Dr. Culwell says. If you have sex later in the cycle after taking Plan B and without using another form of contraception, you can definitely get pregnant.

    Plan B is meant to be used after unprotected sex, not before, Cleland adds. So in short, you can have protected sex after taking Plan B if youre up for it . If youre not trying to get pregnant its really important to use a condom or a diaphragm, even if youre on birth control, as it takes seven days of taking consecutive hormonal pills for the body to become protected again after skipping two or more birth control pills, per Cornell Health.

    Can You Get Pregnant After Plan B

    There are dozens of different contraceptive products available for women. While the most popular option remains the standard birth control pill, another pill has gained a lot of attention.

    Plan B is a pill that is taken the day after having unprotected sex. However, before switching birth control, you should know the pros and cons.

    You need to know how effective Plan B is for preventing pregnancy and whether you can get pregnant after taking the pill.

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    You Throw Up After Taking Ec

    Years ago, emergency contraception relied on estrogen to do its job, Dr. Minkin explains. The estrogen in these thingsthey used mondo dosesused to make people nauseated, she says. Now, forms of EC like Plan B and Ella dont rely on estrogen, so nausea is less likely (in fact, morning-after pill side effects are short-lived and cause little more annoyance than bleeding between periods or nausea, according to Planned Parenthood. That said, nausea can still happen, especially due to nerves. If you opt for the method of taking multiple birth control pills as your EC, theres a decent chance you could ralph. great in a pinch, but it often leads to nausea and vomiting, which are a risk factor for failure, Dr. White says.

    No matter what, if you throw up within an hour or so of taking EC, youll need another dose. Your body might not have had enough time to metabolize it, Dr. White explains. Its really unlikely that this would happen after around an hour, but if you ever vomit and can see a pill, thats a concern, Dr. White says, and you should probably take another to play it safe.

    Last Thoughts On Plan B And Pregnancy

    I still got pregnant after taking an emergency contraception pill. Why didn’t it work?

    Can you get pregnant after using Plan B? Yes. The pill is only effective at preventing pregnancy from a previous incident of unprotected sex. It does not stop future incidents from resulting in pregnancy.

    You may even get pregnant within the next 24 hours after taking the pill. However, this will depend on whether you are ovulating and other fertility factors.

    While Plan B offers an effectiveness between 89 and 95%, it is not intended as a regular form of birth control. Women are encouraged to use it as a backup plan when they forget to take one of their regular pills or when other birth control methods, such as condoms, do not work.

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    What Are The Side Effects Of Emergency Contraception

    The most common side effects of ECPs are nausea and vomiting, especially with the Yuzpe method. If your doctor gives you this form of ECP, they will also give you medication to prevent vomiting. If you throw up within an hour of taking the first dose of ECPs, you need to take more ECPs. Some women also have tender breasts, bloating, irregular bleeding, and headaches. These do not last long.

    Medicines And Herbal Remedies

    Certain medicines or herbal products can cause both emergency birth control pills to be less effective.

    Dr Atkinson says: “Other medicines and some herbal remedies can affect how well the emergency contraceptive pill works.

    Medicines and some herbal remedies can affect how well the emergency contraceptive pill works

    Dr Daniel Atkinson, GP Clinical Lead,

    “This includes medicines that raise levels of liver enzymes, like antiepilepsy drugs, St Johns Wort, or steroids .

    “Some treatments used in HIV and tuberculosis can also make it less effective.

    “Women who are taking any of these are normally advised not to use EllaOne, and that Levonelle might not work as well .”

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    Is Plan B Right For You

    There are some cases in which Plan B or other morning-after pills are less effective, such as in people who are overweight. The drug also may not be as effective for people who take certain medications. These include anticonvulsant drugs, antibiotics, the tuberculosis treatment rifampicin, the antimicrobial drug Mycobutin , Grifulvin V for treating certain skin infections, and St. Johns wort, a dietary supplement sometimes used to treat depression.

    People who have abnormal vaginal bleeding or may be allergic to any of the pill’s ingredients shouldn’t take Plan B. And if you know you’re already pregnant, you should not take Plan B. However, don’t worry if you take the drug and then discover that you’re expecting it won’t harm your pregnancy.

    When To Use Plan B

    Plan B One

    You might be advised to use the morning-after pill in situations such as:

    • You had sex without using any birth control.
    • You forgot to insert your ring or apply your patch.
    • You missed taking at least two or three active birth control pills in a row.
    • Your partner didn’t pull out in time.
    • You used a condom but it slipped off or broke.
    • You were forced to have sexual intercourse.
    • You were wearing a diaphragm that slipped out of place.

    Be aware that Plan B and other morning-after pills will not protect you from sexually transmitted infections. The only way to prevent STIs is by always using a condom or by not having sex at all.

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