How To Plan Your Pregnancy

Start Formulating A Plan

Planning for a Baby: 6 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Begin to formulate a specific, realistic plan with your partner. Ultimately, its your body going through labor and delivery, so you should be comfortable with all of the decisions made.

But the more you can include your partners input and suggestions, the more naturally supported youll feel. Sketch out a basic draft of a plan that youre both satisfied with, knowing that its okay if you still have unanswered questions or concerns at this point.

Day : Track Your Cycle

Whether youve been on birth control or not, nows the time to get intimate with your menstrual cycle. Narrowing down the window of when youre most fertile will help you get pregnant faster.

Plus, having an understanding of your cycles will help you discover if anything is off and might need addressing .

Start by simply recording when your period starts and ends to see how the length of your cycle changes from month to month. You can note anything like irregular bleeding and spotting, too. The average menstrual cycle length is around 28 days, but it can range from 21 to 35 days and still fall in the normal, healthy range. There are many apps out there to help you with tracking as well.

Is There A Special Diet For A Woman Who Is Planning For A Pregnancy

A healthy diet that provides all the necessary nutrients for the developing fetus increases the chances of a healthy pregnancy. For this reason, it is best to avoid certain diets during pregnancy. In particular, high-fat diets, some vegetarian diets, and weight-loss diets should generally be avoided by pregnant women. A healthy diet also means limiting sugar intake. Many women also choose to start eating a healthy diet in the stage prior to conception to maximize their chances of delivering a healthy baby. In general, a healthy diet is the same for both pregnant women and non-pregnant women, with a few special exceptions that will be discussed below.

Evidence about whether the consumption of caffeine in pregnancy is detrimental has been inconclusive. However, it is known that the fetus metabolizes caffeine very slowly, so maternal consumption of caffeine results in prolonged exposure for the fetus. Consumption of typical levels of caffeine has not been associated with any adverse pregnancy outcomes, yet individual studies have shown that caffeine can lead to changes in fetal arousal and heart rate. According to many experts, including the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, caffeine intake in pregnant women should be limited to 200 mg per day .

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Bring Your Plan To Your Healthcare Provider

Bring your tentative plan to your doctor or midwife. Go through it completely, asking for your doctors input. They should be able to resolve any lingering questions or concerns, suggest alternative options for coping with pain or complications during labor and delivery, and flag areas where you will need to be prepared to make last-minute changes.

Your doctor should also be able to tell you if your birth plan is realistic they know your medical and pregnancy history and can steer you in the best possible direction for a successful and healthy delivery.

Plan Regular Communication With The Office

Pin on preg fit workouts

While it is perfectly acceptable for you to be mostly unavailable once you are on leave, you may need to have some contact with the office. Doing so provides your colleagues with a sense of comfort and security. They’ll know that if they have a question for you, they can get it answered.

If you feel comfortable with it, consider being in contact with the office once a week either through a short telephone conversation or a regular email. The key is to be sure your boss and co-workers know when and where they can expect to hear from you while you are gone.

Avoid making yourself too available during your maternity leave. And try not to commit to more work until you know how parenting feels for you. Most first-time parents are surprised by how much is involved when it comes to taking care of a newborn as well as how exhausted they are. Do not expect your maternity leave to feel like a vacation, because it won’t.

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Building A Support Network For Optimized Care And Resources

Making a first appointment during pregnancy can be a daunting task, and learning who the best medical professionals to consult with is essential for the health of mother and child. To assist you in achieving optimized care, resources, and support during this process, it is beneficial to create an organizational plan for building a supportive network.

You can begin by researching any prenatal care options in your area and making sure they are covered by your health insurance. Speak to family members and friends to understand any services they may have used before or have received recommendations on. Joining local support groups or Facebook communities can help you connect with other pregnant women, who may have contacts to share as well as provide valuable advice based on their experiences. Additionally, speaking with your primary healthcare provider is also important in compiling a list of recommended professionals for further assistance such as an OB/GYN, lactation consultants, midwives, doulas etc. Once youve compiled a list of potential providers in the area do take time reach out to them via phone or ready reviews online to inquire about their approach towards care and the kind of services they offer.

Fda Changes Plan B Packaging To Clarify The Pill Does Not Cause Abortion

The agency said the emergency contraception works similarly to birth control in preventing pregnancy. AP

The Food and Drug Administration announced Friday that it will overhaul packaging labels for the emergency contraceptive pill, Plan B, that women can take after having sex to prevent a pregnancy.

The federal agency said it will remove references on the contraceptions packaging that claim, without scientific evidence, that the pill prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in the womb.

The new labels are intended to further distinguish the emergency contraception also known as the morning after pill from abortion pills, which end a pregnancy after a fertilized egg has implanted in the lining of a womans uterus.

In a memo released Friday, the FDA clarified that taking Plan B pills is not the same as an abortion, a fact that has long been understood in the medical community.

Evidence does not support that the drug affects implantation or maintenance of a pregnancy after implantation, therefore it does not terminate a pregnancy, the FDA said in its statement.

The agency added that the emergency contraception works similarly to birth control in preventing pregnancy, but contains a higher dose of levonorgestrel. The pill prevents ovulation.

About a quarter of women say theyve used emergency contraception pills at some point, according to a survey by the Centers for Disease Control released last year.

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Plan For An Extra Hour Of Sleep Each Night

Getting good sleep is of course important if you want to feel as energized as possible. The problem is that pregnancy also makes it hard to do that, especially in the third trimester. Sleeping becomes more difficult later in pregnancy because youre uncomfortable, whether because of trouble with digestion, you just cant find a comfortable position, or youre getting up frequently to urinate, Dr. Bianco says. Many of us get lucky with all three .

Dr. Paik suggests trying to aim for an extra hour of sleep than youd usually plan for. That way, you can still clock a good amount when you subtract the time it took you to fall asleep or the times you woke up to pee. Taking measures to prevent acid reflux at night and avoiding chugging water too late at night can help.

Practicing good sleep hygiene can make a big difference too, says Dr. Paik. Make it easier for you to sleep by making sure youre sleeping in a dark room and that its not too hot, she adds. And of course, experts recommend sticking to the usual recommendations of avoiding screens and blue light an hour or so before bed and cutting off caffeine in the early afternoon.

How Often Should You Have Sex

Joy Of Pregnancy | How to Plan your Pregnancy? | By Dr. Lakshmi Kiran

You might have read that having sex too often reduces sperm quality and quantity. Some research has shown that sperm have better quality when collected after a 2-3 day period of abstinence. Studies have also shown that higher rates of conception are seen in couples who have sex every 1-2 days.

Making love once a day or every other day during your fertile window will increase your odds of getting pregnant.

Try to have sex more often, but dont force yourself into a schedule. It could lead to unnecessary stress. Ultimately, the ideal number of times to have sex is what feels comfortable to you.

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Start A Conversation With Your Boss

You need to let your boss know as soon as possible that you are pregnantideally before you tell anyone else at work. Keep in mind that as soon as the first person knows you are pregnant, you should assume that everyone knows. You do not want your boss to find out you are pregnant from someone other than you.

Also, make it immediately clear that you plan to come back to work. Emphasize that you are a committed employee and reassure them that you will develop a comprehensive maternity leave plan so that things continue to run smoothly even in your absence. This initial conversation should be the first of many that you have as you work out the details of your maternity leave plan.

When To Take Your Maternity Leave

Some expectant parents prefer to pick a start date for their leave, such as a week to a month before the baby is due. Others wait until the last minute for maternity leave to start so that they can maximize time spent with their baby at home.

The Family Medical Leave Act requires you to provide your employer with a 30-day notice before you intend to take your leave. This is why planning maternity leave and communicating your goals is so important. Even if you do not have an exact date in mind, you have notified your boss of your plans.

If you’re on a tight budget and you aren’t sure you can afford much of a maternity leave, you still should consider planning how to handle the arrival of your baby and your recovery.

Think about who can provide care, meals, transportation, overnight support, grocery runs, and other basic needs so that, as much as possible, so you can attend to your baby and this special relationship when you’re not at work, says Leah Rockwell, LPC, LCPC, a therapist with Rockwell Wellness Counseling in Maryland.

“It can be helpful to have a deliberate plan for who can help you and your baby as you transition into your life together,” she says. “Plenty of excellent moms simply cannot afford maternity leave we, societally, need to be better at supporting all mothers in all realms of life.”

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Getting Pregnant A Second Time

You know what to expect this time around. But that doesnt mean youll feel exactly the same. Every pregnancy is different, and in fact, second pregnancies differ physiologically from first ones in a number of ways.

But before dealing with any of the ups or downs of growing a baby the second time around, youll have to get pregnant. For some couples, conceiving baby number two happens just as quickly and easily as baby number one. But there can also be some speed bumps, which takes many couples by surprise.

When Should You See A Doctor

Before Pregnancy  Middlesex

If youve been trying to get pregnant but are having no luck, see your primary care doctor or a fertility specialist.

How long should you wait before seeing a doctor? That depends on your age.

  • Women younger than 35 should try for at least 1 year before seeking medical help.
  • Women 35 or older should see a healthcare provider after 6 months of trying.

Make an appointment sooner if you have any of these issues, which could affect fertility:

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S To Planning Your Maternity Leave

Leigh Raviv, WHNP-BC, is a womens health nurse practitioner serving women in New York City. She has dedicated her career to providing gynecologic and reproductive health care across the lifespan, with a special interest in adolescents and young adults.

Whether you have a career you love, you are working purely for financial reasons, or something in between, one of the biggest stressors you might encounter as you prepare for your baby’s arrival is planning your maternity leave. This process can seem overwhelmingespecially if you are not sure where to start.

The best approach is to take it one step at a time. This guide will help you think about how you are going to handle being away, who will take on your responsibilities, and how you will transition back once your leave is up. Making a plan for maternity leave will help reduce stress now and later.

Day 2: Check Your Insurance Coverage

Its important to review whats covered in your health insurance plan before you get pregnant. Approximately 1 million women give birth without adequate prenatal care each year. Their babies are 3 times more likely to be born at low birth weights and 5 times more likely to die than babies born to women who keep up with regular prenatal visits.

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Other Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings changes in your hormonal balance. And that can cause other symptoms that include:

A pregnant woman could have all of these symptoms, or maybe have only one or two. If any of these symptoms become bothersome, talk with your doctor about them so you can make a plan to offset them.

Show Sources

What Are Genital Herpes And The Parvovirus B19

Planning for a Baby – Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy | Rauda Tellawi, M.D.

Genital herpes

If a pregnant woman has genital herpes infection, it is possible to transmit the virus to the baby at the time of delivery. Herpes simplex virus infection can have multiple effects in the newborn. The infection may be limited to the eyes, skin, and mouth. It may be localized to the central nervous system or may be widespread. Antiviral medications are given to the newborn after delivery. Cesarean delivery is recommended for most women with an active outbreak of genital HSV infection at the time of labor to prevent transmission of the infection to the baby.

Parvovirus B19

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Look Into Your Benefits

If you work, consider what you want to do once you’ve had your baby. Some companies provide paid time-off after you give birth. Others offer unpaid time-off. You may also be able to use sick days or vacation time before you go back.

Check your health plan, too, to see which doctors and hospitals it covers.

Day 2: Learn The Dos And Donts

There are a lot of things youll hear about whats safe and whats not during pregnancy. Some of this isnt so scientific. Other items are incredibly important for your growing babys health. One of the hottest items for debate? What foods to shun during pregnancy.

Pregnant women are more likely than other healthy adults to contract listeria from contaminated foods. Start reading labels on your favorite foods now to make sure they are pasteurized.

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Advice For Male Partners

Problems with fertility in men affect three in 10 couples struggling to conceive.

To be in the best health possible and to have high-quality sperm, you can do the following.

  • If you smoke, stop. Smoking can lower the quality of your sperm and your sperm count.
  • Be a healthy weight. If youre very overweight, it can reduce your fertility.
  • If you drink alcohol, stay within the recommended alcohol limits per week. Drinking to excess can affect the quality of your sperm.
  • Keep your testicles as cool as possible as sperm production can be affected by high temperatures. It may help to wear loose fitting underwear, although theres no definite evidence on this.

Why Do Our Bodies Crave Junk Food Find Out

Stages Pregnancy Pregnancy Planning Conception Pregnancy Birth ...

“Making sure that the dinner intake is in the time between 7 to 8 pm or even a little earlier can reduce the overall calorie intake greatly. Since we are very active during the day and burn away all the calories that we consume by evening, our digestion slows down. Processing lighter foods become easier for the body. One must remember that foods the body does not burn within 2-3 hours of eating will be stored as fat. And then a light dinner also helps in clearing the bowels,” he said.

“Dinner is not to be had for the sake of eating, but because the body needs to fuel up after a day full of activity and exertion. Entirely skipping the dinner or eating way too much for dinner are both not beneficial. It is a myth that skipping dinner is a boon because it actually risks overeating during the day. There are many ways of eating light, yet making sure that you don’t wake up hungry. For one, skipping the grains and only eating proteins, vegetables, and fruits would help. Also, eating in moderation, having the meal slowly, and sipping some tea before bedtime might be beneficial.”

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