What To Eat To Get Pregnant With Twins

When To Consult A Doctor


If you feel excessively tired and find that your immunity level is going down, then it is a sign of nutritional deficiency. In such a case, you should consult a doctor. You can also contact your doctor if you notice you are gaining or losing too much weight. Ideally, you and your doctor should discuss what you should eat and what to avoid, depending on your BMI.

/15 Your Partner’s Diet Counts Too

Weve already talked about how important it is for you to maintain a healthy, balanced diet before, during and after your pregnancy. But heres something you probably didnt know: its important for your partner to watch what he eats, too. As a matter of fact, health experts recommend that males should eat foods high in zinc if they want to help their partner conceive twins.

It might not be easy, but definitely help your partner monitor what he eats. Also, make sure hes eating plenty of green leafy vegetables, seeds and bread as all three can help with sperm production. And if you really want to boost your chances of having twins, serve oysters for lunch! Some say that oysters work as a great aphrodisiac and it will help the both of you get in the mood. Its worth a shot, right?

Are All Twin Pregnancies Delivered Preterm

A little more than half of twin pregnancies end in preterm delivery . While 40 weeks is the full gestation period of the averagepregnancy, most twin pregnancies are delivered at approximately 36 weeks .

Unfortunately, preventing preterm labor with multiples is more challengingthan with a singleton pregnancy because the interventions used withsingleton pregnancies are not as effective with multiples.

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How To Raise Your Chances Of Having Twins

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If youve always dreamed of having twins, youre probably searching for ways to increase your chances of a multiple-baby pregnancy. While the main factor in conceiving twins is genetics, studies suggest that there may be other ways to influence your chances of having twins. Keep reading to learn how you may be able to raise the likelihood of having twins at home or with a doctors help.

Will I Need To Visit My Doctor More Frequently

PB+J Babes: Twin Pregnancy

While every pregnancy is different, most women carrying twins will havemore frequent prenatal visits than women carrying only one baby. If yourtwins are sharing one placenta, you will automatically have a more frequentmonitoring schedule.

If your pregnancy doesnt have complications, your prenatal visits may notdiffer much from a singleton pregnancy until you get to the end of yoursecond trimester. At that point, youll be seen more frequently becausethere is a higher risk ofpre-eclampsiaand preterm labor.

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How To Create A Successful Fertility Diet

Creating a successful fertility diet is simple: focus on fresh, unprocessed foods as much as possible. Eat a rainbow of produce and avoid fast foods.

Studies show that the Mediterranean diet pattern significantly increases the for women undergoing IVF, probably because it includes nearly all of the above. The Mediterranean diet focuses on healthy fats, fruits, veggies, fiber from whole grains, and lean proteinssound familiar?

That said, getting started isn’t always easy if you feel like you have a lot of changes to make. We have a free hormone-balancing starter kit. It includes a seven-day meal plan and recipe guide to help you get on track with fertility-boosting eating habits.

Bump Up Your Calories

A person who is pregnant with multiples needs an additional 300 calories per day per fetus. So, someone carrying twins should aim to consume an extra 600 calories daily. If you are pregnant with more than triplets, talk to an OB-GYN to figure out a healthy weight during your pregnancy.

While you should never restrict calories, especially during pregnancy with twins, it’s helpful to grasp true calorie needs and use that information to guide your choices. Twin pregnancies are often associated with a risk of low birth weight, so it’s important to ensure you’re getting enough calories and nutrients.

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Tips To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally In 2022

Are you dreaming to get pregnant with twins?

Do you know it is not only for people those who have a twin family history but also possible for any woman to get conceived with twins? Well, if you are worrying of second labor pain, consider conceiving twins in the first delivery itself. Yes, it is possible to get pregnant with twins naturally.

If you are keen to increase your chances of a twin pregnancy then you should be aware of many important factors about twin formation. We have listed, all the possible natural ways to get conceived with twins.

How Are Twins Conceived

Giving Birth to Triplets

Before getting into the steps, lets understand the processes behind the formation of twin babies. Twins are of 2 types.

Identical or Monozygotic or Non-fraternal Twins developed when one sperm fertilizes one egg. Later it will split into two separate embryos. Both these embryos have the same genetic structures. And, they share the placenta.

Non-identical or Dizygotic or Fraternal Twins developed when two separate sperms fertilize two separate eggs. Both of them are unique in their own way, no identical genetic structures other than their own siblings. Also, each one has its own placenta.

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Nutrition During The First Trimester

As is the case with the first trimester of a single pregnancy, calorie requirements are not significantly increased when you have a twin pregnancy. Rather many women feel quite ill during this stage and as such, eating a nutrient rich diet that you are able to tolerate is the most important aspect. Especially iron, zinc and omega 3 rich foods including fish, lean red meat, nuts and seeds offer vital nutrients and should be included on most days. Daily consumption of leafy green vegetables and wholegrains will also ensure you tick the box for folate consumption in these cases a chilled green smoothie can be an easy way to get key nutrients in an easy to consume drink. Most importantly, your pregnancy multivitamin that contains iron, zinc, DHA, iodine, Vitamin D and calcium is crucial.

Read more in my guide to good eating in your first trimester.

How Common Is It To Have Twins/multiples

The birth rate for twins in the United States rose more than 75 percent from 1980 to 2009. An estimated 3 percent of pregnant women are carrying multiples in the United States each year.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine reports that twins happen naturally in about 1 out of every 250 pregnancies. The rate is much higher in women who get fertility treatments. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, approximately 1 out of every 3 pregnancies with fertility treatments will be multiples.

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What Nutrition Is Needed When Pregnant With Twins

Nutrition in pregnancy is of crucial importance for both a mum to be and her developing baby. In turn, when you are carrying multiples, the need for good nutrition is even more important as the nutrient and energy demands to develop healthy babies are extremely high. And while there are no specific nutrition guidelines for eating when you are carrying twins , there are a few key nutrients to be mindful of. As such, there are foods that mums to be should focus on to help ensure both their own optimal health and that of the developing bubs.

Ways To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

Pin on Kids

WARNING: You should never take any type of herbal or pharmaceutical supplement without talking to your doctor and/or doing your own research. Anecdotal evidence is not enough. Some of these products cause high/low blood pressure, interact badly with other drugs you may be taking or may contain additives that are not fully tested .

For a range of reasons, some couples wish to conceive twins. Although there are no guarantees, there are both natural and medical methods that can increase the chance of falling pregnant with multiples.

Before attempting to conceive multiples, keep in mind that there are higher risks involved, including health risks from premature cord clamping and babies being born too soon due to early induction. Its a good idea to have a doula or suitable support person and a doctor you trust if you are pregnant with twins.

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What Should I Avoid Eating When Pregnant With Twins

While were focusing on what you can eat, you also need to know what to avoid. Ask for more information and a complete list of foods to avoid from your doctor. In the meantime, avoid:

  • White carbohydrates as twin pregnancy has an increased risk of gestational diabetes. Try to eat whole-grain carbs instead.
  • Foods with an increased listeria risk such as deli meats, unpasteurized, raw, or undercooked food Deli meats need to be microwaved to steaming to kill bacteria toasting sandwiches is not enough.
  • Artificial sweeteners as reports are contradictory regarding safety during pregnancy. So why take a chance?
  • Certain herbs/spices such as rosemary, aloe, ginseng, and some herbal and berry teas which can start contractions.
  • Alcohol as even small amounts have been linked to birth defects. Be aware of foods made with alcohol too. TWINIVERSITY TIP: At social gatherings, try a faux spritzer: sparkling water garnished with fruit such as a lime wedge or strawberry garnish. Or add a touch of juice. Tummy upset? Try ginger ale with a cherry garnish.

You should also limit your intake of certain foods such as:

  • Caffeine as its a diuretic. Use less than 12 oz daily .
  • Soft drinks or more than 8 oz juice as they are full of sweeteners, which may cause sugar spikes. Instead, try the faux Spritzer
  • Hot spices which can cause heartburn
  • Processed foods as they have added sugar and saturated fats
  • Fried foods that are loaded with trans fats as theyll pack on the pounds but not in a healthy way

Healthful Foods That Will Help You Conceive Twins

Want to conceive twins naturally? Then this article is for you.

Twins are classified as either identical, where one fertilized egg splits and develops into two fetuses, or fraternal, where two different sperm fertilize two eggs.

Women from Igbo-Ora, a small town in western Nigeria, are known for having the worlds highest number of twin births. They often attribute it to their daily diet of yams, cassava, and okra leaves.

Research has also shown that a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins increases ones chances of getting pregnant with twins or triplets.

Read on to discover ten nutritious foods that women in West Africa and other parts of the world eat to conceive twins naturally.

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Do Twins Share A Placenta And An Amniotic Sac

While some twins may share a placenta and an amniotic sac, that is not thecase for the vast majority of pregnancies. Here are three majorpossibilities that exist:

  • Two placentas and two amniotic sacs. A twin pregnancy with two placentas and two amniotic sacs is the optimal twin pregnancy, as each baby has its own nutritional source and protective membrane.
  • One placenta and two amniotic sacs. In pregnancies with one placenta and two amniotic sacs, you will definitely have identical twins. Additionally, when your babies share a placenta, there is a greater risk for complications, such as twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. Your physician will closely monitor your pregnancy to check for potential problems.
  • One placenta and one amniotic sac. This is the riskiest and rarest type of twin pregnancy. Fetal complications can arise due to tangling of the umbilical cords or an imbalance in nutrients, blood or other vital life supporting systems.
  • /15 Breastfeeding While Trying To Conceive


    We all know that breastfeeding is great for both mom and baby. But very few people know that breastfeeding can also help you conceive twins. One study even found that women who breastfed their babies and toddlers had a higher chance of conceiving twins. This is because your body produces a higher percentage of prolactin, thus increasing your chances of getting pregnant with two babies.

    So not only are you doing whats best for your baby, but you are also doing your body a whole lot of good while increasing your chances of having not one, but two more babies! But there is one catch: keep in mind that a lot of women do not resume their ovulation until after they finish breastfeeding, so this might not necessarily work for everyone.

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    What Foods Should I Eat While Pregnant With Twins And Multiples

    Wholesome, nutrient-dense food is the name of the game. While its perfectly fine to enjoy the occasional treat or splurge, make sure the majority of those extra calories come from nutritious foods that best nourish your babies and your pregnancy.

    In general, moms of multiples should fill up on the same types of foods that support a healthy singleton pregnancy. But since twin pregnancies come with greater nutritional needs overall, its even more important to choose menu items that deliver the biggest vitamin and mineral bang for your buck. These pregnancy super foods fit the bill.

    Are There Specific Foods For Fertility Over 40

    There’s no magic wand that changes fertility nutrition once you turn 40. You can get pregnant after 40, but because reproductive health is impacted with age, optimizing nutrition to reduce inflammation, promote hormone balance, and protect against free radicals becomes even more critical.

    Optimizing minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, and vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, and folate, and healthy fats like omega-3 all support healthy fertility by optimizing egg quality, and reducing oxidative stress, as you’ve learned above.

    It is also recommended you get started on a quality prenatal as soon as you consider getting pregnant to supplement your bodys needs.

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    Healthy Diet Plan For Twin Pregnancy

    Anisha NairView more Paediatric NutritionistOur Panel of ExpertsIn this Article

    Following a healthy and balanced diet is important during pregnancy to ensure that the nutrient requirements of the baby growing inside you are met properly. And, if you are carrying twins, then you will need enough nutrition for the three of you. This does not mean you need to drastically increase the quantity of food, but it does mean that you need to eat a variety of healthy foods every day to meet the nutrition requirements of the twins in your womb.

    Nutrition During The Third Trimester

    Pin on Twins

    Once you reach the final trimester, it is all about the balance of what you can manage to eat , how long you have before you deliver your babies and getting enough energy to do much at all while you carry around an extra 20-25kg. While you will be in need of plenty of calories, iron, zinc and calcium, most likely you will also need to continue supplementing to get enough of these key nutrients. When you can eat, again the focus does need to be on iron rich foods, and most mums to be find that small snacks consumed every couple of hours is the best way to manage your energy needs with what your body can tolerate.

    Nutrient rich options include salmon or tuna on crackers lean meat strips in stir fries or wraps, baked beans or eggs with toast, smoothies and snacks of fruit, yoghurt, nuts and seeds. When you focus on making sure each food choice offers something positive nutritionally, the body will do a good job of absorbing what it needs to. The biggest nutritional issue for women at this time is low iron levels the demands for iron when carrying multiple babies are extremely high, and most people need supplementation through the entire pregnancy no matter how well they eat. For this reason, pay close attention to your iron levels at the end stage of your pregnancy as having low iron having just given birth is not ideal as you will need your energy to be at its best once you get some with your bubs.

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    Foods That Increase Fertility For Conceiving Twins

    Anisha NairIn this Article

  • Other Ways to Increase Your Chances of Having Twins
  • A baby brings immense happiness in your life, and twin babies are twice the fun and make you feel on top of the world. But not all parents are of the same view. There are many who dread the thought of having twins or more babies at the same time, while others may desperately want to have twins. Are you and your partner in the second category? Then, this article is just for you! It is not only your genes that may do the trick, but also your eating habits. In the following article, we have listed down various foods that could increase your fertility, so you have a higher chance of having twins.

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